"I hope I score 100 goals": Rodrigo Aguirre and the goal of scoring for Rogelio Funes Mori at Rayados de Monterrey

Rogelio Funes Mori in goal celebration with Rayados.

Photo: Jorge Mendoza / Imago7

Rodrigo Aguirre It has not been able to be fundamental in the first three days of the Clausura 2023 of Liga MX, because the striker has not yet managed to score so far this season with Rayados de Monterrey. However, the battering ram He put this aside and hoped that his teammate, Rogelio Funes Mori, would not follow in his footsteps and have a great season in terms of goals.

For his part, the Argentine striker, but nationalized Mexican andHe is on the path of goalscoring, as Funes Mori is the scoring leader with four goals after three games played for his team in the current Clausura 2023.

“I hope Rogelio scores 100 goals and is the scoring champion, that is beneficial for the team, obviously We are all teammates and luckily we get along well off the pitch and I think it is reflected on the inside.“said Aguirre regarding his partner Funes Mori.

"If Rogelio is always going to score goals It will be good for the team, I and my teammates are happy if he is the scoring champion because we have him on our side"added the Uruguayan striker Rodrigo Aguirre.

To finish his statements, the Uruguayan does not despair due to his lack of goals, since He emphasized that he considers it more important that the results are positive for the whole team about an important performance at the individual level.

“Obviously I would like to convert, Those are circumstances, they are moments, As long as the team wins and I'm not needing my goals, we're calm. the important thing is to be there, to have the options and after that the rest is added, We have the support of the coaching staff".

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