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The Basque technician Julen Lopetegui, dismissed this Wednesday as coach of the Seville, He said goodbye this Thursday from the Seville club without “no grudge feeling” also showing his "pride and satisfaction" for being "part of the history" of the entity, with which he will join a "very strong emotional bond.

I have no feeling of rancor, it is gratitude after three beautiful years. All other feelings I put aside. I am a soccer man and I understand many things, I have my opinion, but I adapt my answer to what is under my responsibility.

Seville announced the removal of Lopetegui, after the 1-4 loss to Borussia Dortmund at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium, a match "complicated, sportingly" for the coach, and "also because of the context". “One cannot choose things, one has to adapt and live up to them“, he added.

In his farewell message, Lopetegui he pointed:

We have given a part of our life, yes it is our profession. That wears out, but it leaves traces in the heart, indelible traces of beautiful memories, of complicated moments that we have been able to overcome. We have been lucky to lead a club like Sevilla, it is extraordinary. I get the respect of my players and the fans, what more can I ask for.

Lopetegui was accompanied by Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo 'Monchi', Sevilla sporting director, and Joseph Castropresident of the club, as well as members of the Council.

The Basque coach confessed that his stage at the head of the Sevilla bench It has been "the one that has penetrated" into his "heart" throughout his career.

I feel affection and gratitude, a very great emotional bond. There have been many more positive things, and I'll take that.

And he did not close the door on a future return to the Seville team.

Who knows, why not. I hope to be a coach for many years, our paths are emotionally inseparable, I don't know if they will meet again.

“We have all tried to make Sevilla a little bigger. Having the feeling that you are part of that club's history fills me with pride and satisfaction", he celebrated. Lopetegui, who confirmed that he said goodbye to the players, to whom he told them to "trust them, that they were in time to get nice things." “The coaches are what we are because of the footballers”, pointed.

Finally, Lopetegui did not reveal what his next project could be, since in the short term he will visit his father whom he has not seen for two years. At the same time he was grateful to the city of Seville.

I'm a little older, with more gray hair, and I'm taking with me experiences that make your skin harder and give you wisdom and knowledge. There is an emotional part towards the club and the city, my family and I will always be very close to Seville, they welcomed us with great affection.

(With information from Europe Press)

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