“I got fed up”: Ryan García explains the reasons why he decided to respond to Canelo Álvarez, who questions his work ethic

Saúl Álvarez and Ryan García after the Californian's last fight as part of his team in January 2021.

Photo: Tim Warner/Getty Images

Ryan García could not contain himself anymore in the face of Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez's criticism regarding his work ethic and decided to give his version via Twitter. A day later, meeting with Los Angeles boxing reporters, the talented fighter from Victorville, California, explained that he was tired of so many questions from the biggest star in boxing.

"He also misses me in the ring," Garcia joked this Tuesday about "Canelo's" latest statements in which he questioned him about his decision to leave the "Canelo Team" alleging lack of attention from coach Eddy Reynoso.

“I had to clear things up. The things he said were a bit surprising to me, but I already clarified it on Twitter. I just put the facts in there,” Garcia said of his social media post.

I was tired of (Canelo) criticizing me for my work ethic, he fed me up, "Garcia revealed.who is scheduled to make his long-awaited return to the ring on April 9, but now with Joe Goossen as his trainer.

"I have shown nothing but respect and love (to Canelo), and the time came when I had to express myself and that's it," added the 23-year-old fighter with a record of 21-0 (18 KOs).

"If Canelo tells Eddy 'Let's go on vacation', he is going to throw everything away to leave": De la Hoya

Óscar de la Hoya, who is the promoter of Ryan García, said that changing trainers in boxing is a very good thing if the change is to learn new techniques and in general to improve (the 'Golden Boy' had six trainers in his career).

“It's the fighter that matters,” said De La Hoya, who says he's already seen new things in Garcia's arsenal, specifically his power jab.

De la Hoya said he fully understands Garcia's decision to leave "Canelo's" team as he felt he wasn't getting the attention he deserved.

“If Canelo tells Eddy Reynoso 'Let's go on vacation,' he is going to throw everything away to go on vacation with Canelo. That's the truth. They are very close friends and have a great relationship. And there's nothing wrong with that," said the promoter. "But the question is whether (Reynoso) is going to have enough time to work with all the other fighters."

Ryan Garcia's opponent will be Ghanaian fighter Emmanuel “Gameboy” Tagoe (32-1, 15 KOs) in a lightweight bout at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Ryan Garcia wants to prove that there is nothing wrong with his work ethic. /Photo Tom Hogan/Golden Boy
Ryan Garcia wants to prove that there is nothing wrong with his work ethic. /Photo Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

Physically healthy and above all mentally after experiencing difficult moments in past months, García says he is ready to show that "Canelo's" questions are invalid.

“The best thing about this business is that boxing is the truest sport, so when april 9th ​​comes around you guys are going to see if i have a good work ethic or not“said the popular boxer from Southern California.

Regarding his relationship with “Canelo”, García assured that there is no bad blood on his part: “We are fine, but if we are not, it is because he does not want to. I'm ready to put this behind me."

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