I feel more Mexican than Spanish: Maribel Verdú

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Madrid. When Maribel Verdú learned that the UNAM Film Library was interested in awarding her the Film Library Medal, she did not know if said recognition was real, so she called several of her Mexican friends, which are many of hers. After knowing the importance of this award, Ella Verdú felt honored and mentally prepared herself to arrive on Wednesday night in which she received from the writer and journalist Jorge Volpi, Director of the UNAM-Spain Study Center, as well as Hugo Villa, Director of the UNAM Film Library, the UNAM Film Library Medal.

This is a pride like you cannot imagine. This was like when they gave me the Ariel, which is like 'Really!?' Feeling loved, feeling respected, valued, which is something that is not bad for self-esteem, really. And the love that a country professes for me that, I don't mind saying my second home, I have to say my home, is my dream,” she responded to Excélsior Maribel Verdú.

Taking place at the Casa de México Foundation in Spain, the 53-year-old actress offered, prior to receiving the UNAM Filmoteca Medal, a talk of almost an hour in which she spoke of the great relationship and connection she feels with Mexico, with its people. , its food and drink, as well as with great actors and filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro or Alfonso Cuarón, to whom he says he owes much of his career. During the talk, which she gave in front of nearly a hundred special guests, Verdú made a statement that provoked applause and joy from the attendees, mostly Mexicans.

Verdú, who was recently seen as the mother of the superhero Flash, seduced her audience with different stories and anecdotes about her life in Mexico. She spoke of the delight it has been to work four times with Daniel Giménez Cacho, with whom she went out to eat and drink until the early hours of the morning in different places in Barcelona when they filmed the silent, black and white film, Snow White. It should be said that recently both filmed in Ensenada, Baja California and under the direction of Rodrigo García, the film Familia, in which they play a couple of lovers.

Regarding Rodrigo García, son of the late writer Gabriel García Márquez, Verdú commented that he is the director with whom he would film again and again and that if they told him that he could only film the rest of his life with a single director it would be with him .

He spoke about Alfonso Cuarón, to whom he owes in a certain way the internationalization of his career thanks to Y tu mama Tambien, about the intelligence and big heart of Guillermo del Toro, with whom he filmed Pan's Labyrinth, as well as the talent of Eugenio Caballero , whom he calls 'monwise'. Likewise, he remembered with joy the “Sapo” parties that happen every Saturday in Mexican productions.

Every Saturday, when (the call) is cut in Mexico, the toad thing is done. In el sapo you cut off filming at three in the afternoon on Saturdays and the chelas and tequila begin and the night continues and you continue with chela, tequila and whatever comes your way. Then Sunday morning arrives and you have a little time left on Sunday to rest. That's Mexico, it's that Mexico is a lot, yes, yes, they invent the toad party and I remember that in Y tu madre also with Alfonso (Cuarón) and the boys (Gael Garcia and Diego Luna) we were left frozen in the beach and we woke up like that and look what movies,” recalled the holder of a Goya award.

Similarly, Verdú, who received the medal within the framework of the fifth edition of Mestizo Lab, recalled that Cuarón put three songs on the table for her to choose one and chose the song from If You Had Not Gone for Y Tu Mama Tambien. of El Buki, without knowing what artist it was at that time, just because he liked the song (he clarifies that today he does know who El Buki is).

After chatting with people and sharing his anecdotes, Verdú received the UNAM Film Archive Medal and went to celebrate with his friends, among whom were the winners of the Oscar Eugenio Caballero, Michelle Couttolenc and Jaime Baksht, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Batel, the actress Amaia Salamanca and the writer Roberto Santiago, among others.

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