“I don't make music to compete”: Natalia Lafourcade

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Of all the flowers that Mexican music has given to Mexico, Natalia Lafourcade has been one of those that has flourished the most in recent years.

The musical richness, splendor and color of his project has germinated in what could metaphorically be seen as a field full of all kinds of petals, whose variety reflects the different musical genres that have given global resonance and a significance that extends to the cultural .

A couple of weeks ago, Nat was recognized with the legend award during the magazine awards Rolling Stone in Spanish. And the Latin headlines, beyond just recognizing her, took her consecration to competitive instances against the artists she left behind, Bad Bunny and Karol G.

Excelsior, before starting his show last night at the National Auditorium, visited his dressing room. She dressed in black and, as always, showed a fairly calm disposition. Nat has always said that nervousness doesn't go away, but she knows how to channel it. And her attention was full during the talk. She was interested in responding to all that media movement:

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It caught my attention that many headlines regarding the award Rolling Stone They talked about “defeating” figures like Bad Bunny, Karol G and La Rosalía. Imagine! There is no way,” he exclaimed and ironized the entire scandal that was created and that, evidently, he has not shared for 15 days.

First of all, I don't make music to compete. My parents taught me to treat her with a lot of respect. It is sacred. I greatly value the path of my colleagues, in the same way I greatly appreciate other styles: urban, pop, ballads, any type of music. Sometimes there are those who say: 'This is music and this is not.' That is very subjective because, for me, a melody that makes people dance, that makes them happy, unites and heals, is already doing its job and therefore so it is art.

His winning mentality is completely different from demeaning the work of others or feeling a degree of superiority, and he not only spoke about the achievement awarded by the specialized magazine, but also referred to the Academy awards, in which he has appeared, likewise, victorious in past years.

And that is why we have to put more of the mentality in that it is a tremendous opportunity to unite and find ourselves as a community of artists. I celebrate my colleagues, as much as my own music and path, because it is not easy, it is a constant exchange of many aspects of life itself,” reflected Lafourcade, who has lived in Veracruz for some years.

Their mentality is completely collective. It is inherent to her. That is why her collaborations with Los Ángeles Azules, Lila Downs, Leiva, Pepe Aguilar, Mon Laferte, among many others, and now she is open to joining her talent with other talents such as C. Tangana, Peso Pluma and even the same Bad bunny.

In fact, Pucho, as Tangana is nicknamed, recently expressed his desire to do something with her now that the stage of The Madrid native ended.

I am really very open, always, suddenly the time is not there but I am very willing...”, she said, then she resumed the bad feeling that the topic of confronting her with her colleagues left her.

When I saw that headline with the Bad Bunny thing I said: 'I'm going to tell him to collaborate with me, just to show that there must be brotherhood.' We cannot point at the other, compete, criticize or judge anything else, because we do not know what is behind it, which is always a lot of work and that is why there must be respect in all directions,” stressed the multiple Latin Grammy winner.

He has long been humble in dealing with anyone. He greets you with a smile from ear to ear and hugs you as if you were any of his friends. This is what happened inside his dressing room. He dressed in his most comfortable clothes and without a drop of makeup, without pretensions; also in his shy reaction when he blushes when he hears the words 'Natalia Lafourcade' and 'legend' together in the same sentence. Well, he still considers that there is a long way to go before becoming one.

How beautiful and how strong too (having been recognized with the legend award by Rolling Stone), I'm happy, but I believe that the concept of being a legend is really built over a long, long time and you have to walk a long distance and do it little by little.

We have so many legendary women that I look back at them, and so many that have inspired me: Toña The black, Chavela Vargas and Frida Kahlo. Everywhere we turn, we see so many legends. I don't know my path, if I'm really still there, but I'm glad that they give me this recognition and I receive it with great humility, knowing that I still have a long way to go, I have a lot to learn, I'm very young and I hope that the Music gives me something to sing like that, very old... I hope,” she said, laughing.

The Mexican feels happy, because until now that dream has been fulfilled, with music being the only fertilizer she has needed to continue growing and creating.

This is how it was born Of all the flowers, an album that has earned her five Latin Grammy nominations this year, in which her only secret has been to be true to herself, to her heart and essence, just as her mother advised her. She does not pursue awards, but her personal development.

Music is a very powerful weapon and those of us who make music or art have to keep that in mind, that art impacts the soul and heart, transforms paths and becomes like a teacher.

For me, it is what it has been and I work for music, that is how I see it now and I am happy doing it, so I will continue here and I hope to continue having inspiration and working with it,” she celebrated gratefully.

Afterwards, he proceeded to get ready to receive 10 thousand people euphoric to sing and be part of their destiny.

May the fire take away the pain

Of all the flowers, Days go by, Blow me wind and Right placeall songs from her most recent material, were played by the Coloso de Reforma, in which she was accompanied by live musicians and visuals alluding to each song, with projections of oceans or herself singing for the head of a sculpture.

Good night! What a joy! What a huge garden! How many flowers! It's nice to be here. I'm so happy, because we're finally home,” said the singer to greet her audience, 10,000 attendees who burst into screams.

"I feel very grateful for your love, your affection, for listening and opening your heart to receive all these songs and flowers and everything that is kept in the depths of my garden," she added, moved.

His show continued with his song hummingbirda song that he dedicated “to all those boys and girls who are suffering in the world.”

Everything is going to be okay, little hummingbird. We come to this world to be happy, to be free, to embrace each other, to create community, not war,” she expressed, being applauded by her fans, men and women, without any distinction or majority.

Then he continued Mary the healerwith which the Mexican invited her audience to cast a spell against everything negative in front of the sacred fire that she created at the center of the stage, in which she asked to put all the sorrows, what is pending to be solved, with the faith and intention so that The flames will burn away the pain and “new flowers will come,” as the theme recites.

Walking beautifully, My way of lovingC.against the sand and Death They were also part of his first set, in which with happier and more lively melodies he made his audience dance, who responded as if it were the first time he sang live.

The performance of the first part was dedicated to death and culminated with her getting rid of the bottom part of her dress, thanking the skinny woman herself for what she has taught her, a performance that managed to move her followers, who celebrated the delivery.

At the close of this edition, half of the show was still missing, which would bring several of the successes that have positioned his career as It's never enough, To the root, you do know how to love me and others.

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