I do not want the Court to represent me 2023/10/02

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With the designation of Claudia Sheinbaum as the next candidate of Morena and allies, some have harbored the illusion that, at last, Claudia will reveal herself as what she really is. Not the political creation of López Obrador, but someone who will “nuance” and soften the president's excesses. I myself have stated that the almost candidate is a mystery because, to guarantee the favor of her leader, she has supported all the approaches that come from the National Palace, she has defended them and has organized deployments here and there in favor of the President's worst follies. ; Not only that: she has blended in by adopting the accent and tone of her mentor, her expressions, her physical gestures, and she has agreed to dress in ethnic clothes daily, which she did not do during the five years as Head of Government.

The idea of ​​Claudia as a mystery entailed a certain illusion of mine. Thinking about the young electorate and even the girls who have not yet voted, an electoral battle between two independent women, with their own intellectual life, proud of the achievements obtained through their efforts and not thanks to the favor of another, was preferable. What a formidable opportunity for growth it would be for the Mexican electorate to witness this contrast between two autonomous candidates capable of saying no to the President and the powers that be when it was necessary to do so! Xóchitl has done it. Claudia, never.

Well the illusion is over. In the three weeks that have followed her appointment, Claudia has shown that there is nothing beyond what we have seen in these five years. Unlike many in the opposition camp, I do not believe that she is a mere mouthpiece or that she hides her true ideas. I think she is really convinced of the destructive path of this government. Perhaps encouraged by the saying that for the new to be born the old must be destroyed, Claudia supports the militarization of the country, the destruction of the Judiciary and especially the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) and the brutal erosion of the capabilities of the public sector under the mantra of “republican austerity.” Claudia, the scientist, has been an enemy of science and a supporter of the criminal prosecution of her former university colleagues.

A few days ago, at a rally in Tamaulipas and in another previous one in Puebla, Claudia declared that “we want the judges and ministers of the SCJN to represent the people of Mexico.” And she again expressed her support for the election by popular vote of judges and ministers of the Court. The people of Mexico, who are not a uniform mashed potato, but a colorful, differentiated mural full of contrasts, are already represented in the federal Legislative Branch and in local congresses. I do not want the Court to represent me. I already have my representative in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and I will punish or reward them with my vote in 2024. If the Court represents me or hundreds of thousands of others, or even millions, it will not represent so many others. What I want is for the Court to defend what unites us as a nation: the Constitution. We signed a pact in 1917 embodied in the constitutional text and we have been renewing it, reforming the Constitution, belatedly recognizing rights that have not always been popular: gender parity, the right of women to decide, the right to equal marriage, the right of people with disabilities to have development opportunities, the best interest of children, which challenges the notion of patriarchal superiority, the principle of propersona as a criterion to regulate transcendental decisions, and the entire civilizing range of respect for human rights .

I insist, I do not want the Court to represent me. I want the Court to agree with me when it is right and to punish me when it is wrong. I do not want to reward or punish any minister with my vote, because then I would make them dependent on my particular way of seeing the world. Instead of diligently defending the Constitution, they would seek to please me – or thousands of other voters – to remain in office. In a recent GEA-ISA survey, 70 percent of respondents affirm that the SCJN satisfactorily complies with the defense of the Constitution; Even among Morena supporters, 56 percent agree with this positive evaluation. People feel represented even if they have not directly voted for the Court. Because? Because he perceives the Constitution as a legitimate instrument, with which he identifies.

The proposal of the President and his disciple, to destroy the Judiciary and, in particular, the SCJN, is reactionary and follows the same path of populist governments eternally in power. Colonize and then take over the courts so that they are submissive to the Executive Branch and that only one voice is heard. But, this time, they won't pass.

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