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The recent hurricanes Rule and Otis They have severely put the Mexican coasts on alert; OtisLast night it even reached the maximum category 5, with winds of up to 260 km/h. These meteors of unusual intensity confirm the upward trend in the strength of tropical cyclones, a product of global warming. As the oceans warm, more water evaporates, acting as fuel for hurricanes to strengthen. This is what science indicates.

But it's not just the speed of the wind. These phenomena also release torrential rains that cause devastating floods. As the planet's temperature continues to rise, we must prepare for even more powerful hurricanes and storms.

It is urgent that Mexico invest more in adapting to this harsh climate reality that already impacts us. Early warning systems, resilient infrastructure, reforestation of mangroves that protect from storm surges, and above all, accelerate the transition to clean energy.

There will be no point in regretting the damage later. Prevention is the only way out in the face of increasingly unleashed climate furies. Let's become aware before it's too late. Our future is at stake.

And Mexico is a country used to dealing with storms, both those brought by nature and those that arise in the political arena. This year, while the hurricanes Rule and Otis hit our coasts, I can't help but think of the novel by Fernanda Melchor titled Hurricane season, which reflects the darkness and dangers that lurk in times of crisis. The disappearance of the Natural Disaster Fund (Fonden) in Mexico has become a perfect storm that threatens civil protection, and it is time to face this reality seriously.

The Fonden was a security mechanism that allowed authorities to respond to the ravages of natural disasters without delay. But its disappearance has left a void that, in the midst of hurricane season, could become a storm in itself. Civil protection areas at the federal and state levels face financial difficulties to prepare and respond effectively to natural phenomena.

Our country is in a hurricane season, but in this case, the fear comes not only from the unleashed elements of nature, but from the lack of foresight and preparation on the part of the authorities. The perfect storm that could be unleashed by a natural disaster without the necessary infrastructure and resources is a reality that we must face.

The Hurricanes Rule and Otis They are a reminder that nature does not negotiate. Its constant presence reminds us that preparation and response are essential. Civil protection cannot be abandoned or underfunded. In Mexico, coastal zones and flood-prone areas are common danger spots during hurricane season. The Fonden used to be the safety net that allowed local and state authorities to respond effectively to emergencies. The lack of resources for the prevention, mitigation and response of natural disasters puts thousands of lives and vital infrastructure across the country at risk.

The reality is that hurricanes Rule and Otis They are only the beginning of a season that promises to be active, and we cannot afford to abandon the investment that has been made in civil protection. The security and well-being of Mexicans depend on an effective response to natural disasters. May Mexico not need to face new misfortunes to remember the importance of always being fully prepared for the inevitable. To avoid it as much as possible.

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