Hurricane 'Otis' in Guerrero puts 300,000 children at risk

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The almost 300 thousand children affected by the hurricane Otis in Guerrerohave a high risk of entering child labor and worse, of suffering sexual exploitation.

Having been left in a condition of lack of family and community protection, adolescent girls and women, mainly, are easy prey for sexual violence or early marriages and pregnancies.

This was warned by Juan Martín Pérez García, coordinator of the Tejiendo Redes Infancia initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean, who accused the lack of support for children affected by the disaster.

The uncertainty of being left completely unprotected from one day to the next has a great emotional impact that can, depending on the case and family conditions, translate into post-traumatic stress. This is going to have effects, for example, with issues that boys and girls had already overcome, such as urine control, apparently irrational fears, but a result of this fact that has impacted them: nightmares, insomnia, loss of appetite, and of course no intention and willingness to study.

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We have to keep in mind that precisely the highly excluded groups, indigenous peoples, people in conditions of poverty in the metropolitan areas, in this case, the surroundings of the tourist area of ​​Acapulco are the most affected and are going to have dramatic effects, as announced that the average minimum recovery will be one year and these communities survive precariously from what tourism was and at least for a year there are no real conditions for this to happen, then this will translate into migration or displacement as a collateral effect of disasters in this area, which will mean that boys and girls lose their social network and miss school,” he added.

Given this situation, the expert in childhood issues highlighted the importance of school in the face of emergencies and disasters.

It is not because of the educational establishment, which may be destroyed, it is the educational community, it is their peers, boys and girls of their age who are experiencing similar conditions and who through play can rework and redefine what they are experiencing.


In this context and in the face of the nonexistence of organizations that care for children in Acapulco, Juan Martínez said that it is urgent to create a registry of affected children, to know who they are and where they are.

It is immediately necessary that the State System for the Comprehensive Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, the state and municipal protection system are already in place articulating education and health responses. The governor has to urgently call a meeting to give specific answers,” she said.


The Government of Mexico announced that this Saturday, November 4, the Basic Basket Delivery Program to the population affected by the hurricane formally began. Otis in the Port of Acapulco and the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez, Guerrero.

The goal is to distribute a pantry with 24 products a week to 250 thousand affected families for a period of three months.

In a press conference, Raquel Buenrostro, head of the Ministry of Economy, revealed that in a first stage, 35 pieces will be distributed, not including fresh or perishable food, for two weeks, until deliveries are stabilized and completely restored. the electrical service, for the operation of refrigerators in homes.

He highlighted that at eight in the morning, eight trailers with 7,600 basic baskets left Mexico City, which Soriana assembled in a box, and it is expected that more will arrive today until reaching 13,000 daily pantries with the support of Walmart, Chedraui and Comercial Mexicana.

The basket that will be delivered on this occasion in the first stage has 35 pieces in total, which consists of a bottle of oil, a kilo of rice, six cans of tuna, a kilo of sugar, a can of jalapeno peppers, a kilo of black beans, a package of eggs, toilet soap, five liters of milk, bread, toilet paper, pasta for soup, four cans of canned sardines, four kilos of tortilla, one kilo of lentils, one and a half kilos of salt, a tomato puree, and canned vegetables, sorry, the milk is five liters,” he listed.

Raquel Buenrostro stressed that in two weeks, the basic baskets will include one kilogram of beef, one kilo of pork, one kilogram of chicken, and fresh vegetables and fruits such as tomato, onion, lemon, apple, orange, potato. and carrot.

-Ernesto Mendez


Laura Velázquez Alzúa, national coordinator of Civil Protection, reported that the death toll remains at 47, but the number of people not located increased to 59, while 1,815 remain in 13 shelters.

When offering a balance of the attention that is being given to Guerrero, he added that with the street cleaning program, they freed 58.6 kilometers of roads, and removed 259 tons of garbage, 12 vehicles, 167 trees, 35 poles and 58 service structures public.

Laura Velázquez added that there are 152 drinking water pipes; The current flow rate in the homes is 2,100 liters per second and 7.9 kilometers of the drainage network and 199 manholes have been cleared.

And there are 73 people hospitalized, to whom a total of 375 care has been provided.

-Ernesto Mendez


The Mexican Red Cross reported that it has completed 1,100 tons of humanitarian aid for those affected by the hurricane.

Through a publication on its social media accounts, the Mexican Red Cross listed the benefited communities and the total population that has received humanitarian aid.

The Mexican Red Cross continues its tireless work of distributing #humanitarianaid in #Guerrero with 1,100 tons that have reached a total of 313 thousand people. The benefited communities are: Bonfil, Lomas Chapultepec, Barra Vieja, San Pedro las Playas, Puerto Márquez, La Poza, Colosio, Costera Miguel Alemán, Guerrero 2000 and Jardín,” the Red Cross published on its social media accounts.

In addition, he noticed a financial donation made by the Chinese government and that was delivered directly by the Chinese Ambassador to Mexico, Zhang Run.

Red Cross recalled that donations can be made through the page or through deposits in account 0404040406 of BBVA Bancomer or through Clabe 012180004040404062; or using the Swift code BCMRMXMMPYM.

Donations in kind continue to be received at the national headquarters of that institution, at Juan Luis Vives number 200, Colonia Los Morales Polanco.

The Red Cross asks that the food products that be donated in kind be oil, rice, beans, lentils, sugar, salt, pasta soups, bouillon cubes, flour for atole, chocolate powder, tuna, among others.

-Arturo Paramo

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