Hurricane Ian prevents Trump from appearing at his Mar-a-Lago home in one of his many legal storms

Back entrance of Mar-a-Lago, Trump's residence in Palm Beach, Florida.

Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP/Getty Images

The effects of Hurricane Ian will prevent the former president Donald Trump testifies at his home in Florida on September 30in a case in which allegedly “defrauded economically marginalized people”in one of the many complaints that weigh on him.

And it is that a tropical storm warning has been issued for Palm Beach County, where the Mar-a-Lago property is located, so the judge considered that it was not safe for the tycoon to declare from his luxurious mansion.

Although the conditions are not the best, Trump's legal team objected to the delay. But finally the judge told both parties that they must agree on a new declaration date, the current deadline is October 31.

The fact that Trump did not want to delay the declaration is something new, since the McKoy v. Trump Corp. was originally filed in October 2018 by four investors and has since fought to prevent the filing, making numerous attempts to dismiss the filing.

In that lawsuit, the Trump Corporation, including Trump himself and his adult children, is accused of “defrauding economically marginalized people” by encouraging them to invest in businesses that allegedly paid the Trumps to promote them, details the Lovemoney site.

These businesses included ACN Opportunity LLC, a company that sold a “terrific” videophone that was promoted to be the next best thing and ended up being a flop.

No fixed sum was established in the lawsuit, but the plaintiffs assert that The Trumps “made millions” scamming to "victims to give hundreds or thousands of dollars, losses that many experienced as devastating or life-changing."

According to NBC News, the deadline for declarations was April 29 of this year and The case is expected to go to trial in 2023.

An allegation that is part of the lawsuit in McKoy v. Trump Corp. points out that the tycoon and his children promoted ACN on the reality show The Celebrity Apprenticewhich first aired in 2004.

So it is possible that the videos of the program will be used as evidence during the statement.

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