Hurricane Fiona: Javier Báez offers food to those affected in Puerto Rico by the natural disaster


The born in Puerto Rico offered help to his compatriots.

Photo: Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Puerto Rico is experiencing a very complicated moment, well the Hucarán Fiona is passing through said place leaving havoc in its wake. However, the people who live in the country are not alone, as Javier Báez offered to help the entire town by making it known that he can give free food to those affected.

Using social media, the Detroit Tigers shortstop did not hesitate to show solidarity with all the people after the shock that the island received in the last hours, something that was motivated by the large amount of rain that caused flooding.

In addition, the same climatic conditions mentioned would have left millions of people on the island without electricity, which is why the infielder decided to offer free food for all those who could not prepare food and thus be able to get ahead.

All those families who are in need of a hot meal can stop by @taquizapr in Toa Baja, we will serve it for FREE”, stressed the two-time player who makes life in the most important baseball competition in the United States.

In addition, the two-time MLB All-Star Game winner extended his message of solidarity, making it clear that he knew he was going through a difficult time: “I know we are going through something very difficult. I’m with you“added the player on social networks.

Although the offer was made last Monday, the site continues to offer meals for the entire people of Puerto Rico, making it very clear that the Puerto Rican island is still under the care of Báez.

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