Hunters capture gigantic 90 kilo python. Here the photos

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A group of five snake catchers achieved an amazing feat: they captured an immense specimen of Burmese python, 17 feet (5.18 meters) long and 198 pounds (89.8 kilos) in weightthe second largest of this invasive species officially captured in Florida, in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

American Mike Elfenbein, executive director of the Cypress chapter of the national conservation organization Izaak Walton League of America, decided to go python hunting last Friday, November 3, and came across a giant specimen.

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Elfenbein was driving with his son through the Big Cypress National Reserve (west of Miami), late at night, when They saw the giant snake crossing the road. They say they were immediately amazed by the enormous size of the reptile.

"We ran into it at the same time as another vehicle coming in the opposite direction," the digger said.

According to Elfenbein, a trio of snake catchers from Tampa got out of the car that arrived. One of them grabbed the giant snake by the tail before Elfenbein's son jumped in to help.

She didn't like what was pulling on her, so she turned and climbed back onto his body at full speed. "I ended up grabbing her head, which was like grabbing a soccer ball," the hunter narrated.

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According to the story, Hunters found remains of a deer in the python's stomachincluding hooves and bones.

This is one of the largest snake catches in Florida.

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