Hungarian fans boo English players for gesture against racism | Video


The players of the England national team were booed this Saturday by the Hungarian attendees when kneltbefore the duel between both teams, in a gesture against racismprior to his debut in the Nations League Budapest 2022.

In spite of the spectator banimposed by the UEFA Due to the behavior of the hungarian fans during the Euro 2020about 30 thousand fansmostly children, attended the match held in the Puskas Sand.

UEFA rules state that children under 14 yearsalong with one adult for every 10 infants, can attend games even when declared behind closed doors.

According to local mediaboth national anthems were respected, but at the moment the English players knelt, prior to kick-off, they heard boos by parts of the Hungarian fans.

This is the England’s first time visiting Budapest, since his players suffered racist acts during their 4-0 win at the World Cup qualifiers of last September. The FIFAgoverning body of world football, banned hosts from playing with spectators after those events.

The act of kneeling is a symbolic gesture against racism popularized by American football player Colin Kapernick in 2016, who in protest at the lack of attention to the problems of racial inequality in the United States, decided kneel during the national anthem American, an act that generated much controversy.

Since then, several athletes have kneeled instead of standing to attention for a hymn or other similar occasion as a sign of solidarity. In the premier league is a gesture that is still being doneincluding in international competitions outside the UK, such as the Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid of last May 28.

Likewise, the captain of England, harry kaneplayed the match wearing a rainbow bracelet in solidarity with the community LGBT.

The match was defined from eleven paces with a solitary goal from Szoboszlai at minute 66, a goal that sealed the victory for the hungarianswho they had not beaten their English rivals for 60 years.

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