Hundreds of drivers trapped in their cars for 14 hours in sub-zero temperatures in Texas after a truck overturned

Authorities said the accidents occurred early Friday on the I-10 freeway.

Photo: ANDRE MAERZ/AFP/Getty Images

The icy conditions in a major Texas highway have left hundreds of drivers trapped in their cars for more than 14 hours in sub-zero weather, after traffic came to a standstill for two accidents on Friday morning.

Authorities said that accidents happened early friday on the I-10 freeway, when an 18-wheeler collided on the interstate near Kerrville, blocking the road on both sides.

A second truck also swerved and lost control on the icy road, blocking the road on the west side.

The highway was already congested and moving slowly Thursday night due to icy conditions, when temperatures dropped to -5°F, and traffic came to a complete stop after the truck accident.

Weather continues below freezing in the area as a winter storm sweeps across the nation’s center from Michigan to Texas.

Kerrville County Sheriff’s deputies said no injuries were reported after the crash and officials with the Texas Department of Transportation expect I-10 to be blocked for at least a few more hours.

Officials added that due to congestion on the roads, it would take some time to reach the problem area and de-ice the roads to keep traffic moving.

Winter advisories are in place across West Texas as officials urge truckers and drivers to avoid the roads on Friday.

Another truck accident on I-35 left roads closed for hours on the freeway before disappearing earlier in the morning.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell told Fox 7 that law enforcement is working to clear icy roads across Texas, noting they weren’t built for this type of weather.

“Listen, I love my fellow Texans and I’ll take a Texan into battle with me, but there’s nothing scarier to me than a Texan driving on ice, so we’re just not cut out to do that,” he said.

The storm has knocked out power around 300,000 homes and businesses in Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, according to Texas racked up 15,000 of the properties without power Friday morning as the state’s power grid continues to be strained by last year’s ice and snow storms that left thousands frozen.