Human error, the main hypothesis of the bus accident in Venice that left 21 dead

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Five people, including a five-year-old girl with burns, are still in serious condition due to the bus accident in Mestre, a town near Venice, which cost the lives of 21 people, including a teenager and two children. Among the injured, a total of 15, there is a Spanish couple, although their condition is not serious.

While waiting for the authorities to provide more information about the accident of the vehicle, which fell from a highway ramp and fell into the space near the train tracks, the main hypothesis is human error. The driver, a deceased 40-year-old Italian, may have felt bad since there are no braking signs and the bus was traveling on a straight stretch before breaking the guardrail and falling into the void and catching fire, as the commander of the bus explained to the media. the municipal police of Venice, Marco Agostini.

The driver, among the deceased, may have felt bad since there were no braking signs and the bus was traveling on a straight stretch.

Regarding the injured, according to the Government delegate of Venice, Michele di Bari, among the 15 injured, eleven have been identified. In addition to the two Spaniards, four Ukrainians, a German, a Frenchman, a Croatian and two Austrians.

The chief prosecutor of Venice, Bruno Cherchi, announced that this Tuesday an examination of what happened would be carried out and a medico-legal investigation would begin as well as the identification of the victims would continue. The vehicle was an electric bus that carried tourists and residents of the "Hu" campsite in Marghera.

At least 21 dead and 15 injured

Of the fatalities, 19 died instantly and another 2 while being transported by ambulance, while the injured, 3 of them minors and 6 of them in very serious condition, were taken to hospitals in Mestre, Mirano, Dolo, Padua and Treviso, according to sources from the Venice mayor's office.

As soon as it occurred, rescue teams worked at the scene of the accident, where numerous ambulances and fire vehicles gathered, while the movement of trains between Mestre and the Santa Lucia station in Venice was blocked, according to local media.

Today an examination of what happened is carried out and a medico-legal investigation begins

The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, expressed her "deepest condolences, personally and from the entire government, for the serious accident that occurred in Mestre. I think of the victims and their families and friends. I am in close contact with the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro and with the Minister (of the Interior) Matteo Piantedosi to follow the news about this tragedy."

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, one of the first to go to the scene of the tragedy, revealed that he had decreed "mourning, in memory of the numerous victims who were in the fallen bus. An apocalyptic scene, there are no words."

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At least 21 dead and 15 injured after a bus accident in Venice

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