Huguito Flores' daughter woke up from a coma: how is Catalina Flores' health continuing?

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The minor stopped receiving respiratory assistance due to the improvements noted by professionals (Facebook: Huguito Flores El Super)

A week after the traffic accident occurred, in which the singer Huguito Floreshis wife, Carina Soledad Enriquezand his brother-in-law, Ruben Horacio Enriquez, lost their lives, the 2-year-old daughter of the deceased couple woke up from the pharmacological coma in which she was. According to the medical report that was published, the girl showed positive signs of recovery.

At the time of being referred to Provincial Center for Children's Health (CePSI) “Eva Perón”located in the capital of Santiago del Esterothe slightest call Catalina Flores She was diagnosed with severe multiple cranial brain trauma that was the result of the car crash she suffered on Route 34.

After being sedated, the doctors in charge of her treatment reported that she is no longer under mechanical ventilation, but that she was being administered respiratory support through Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV). The method used in pediatric patients consists of providing a constant flow of oxygen through a face mask that avoids the use of airways.

According to the information that the local media had access to The new dailythe professionals decided to test the strategy for a period of 24 to 48 hours to evaluate the patient's condition and level of adaptation, after detecting that the little girl presented positive signs during the recovery process.

The girl remains hospitalized in the children's hospital in Santiago del Estero (Google Capture)
The girl remains hospitalized in the children's hospital in Santiago del Estero (Google Capture)

In the event that Non-Invasive Ventilation fails to adapt or generates difficulties in the minor's respiratory system, the pediatric team announced that they will proceed to sedate her so that she can receive mechanical respiratory assistance. However, in the previous report they highlighted that her condition would remain serious, but that the next few days will be key for her evolution.

It should be remembered that Catalina is the only survivor of the accident that occurred on September 20 on Route 34, near the Santiago town of The Heronwhere the car Volkswagen Suran The one they were traveling in crashed into a truck. The event is investigated by the prosecutor Martin Silvawho charged the driver of the other vehicle, identified as Daniel Roldan30 years old.

After the truck driver was arrested, this week he was summoned to testify before the prosecutor Celia Mussi. In front of the investigator, the man stated that he was on his way to his workplace when he felt an impact on the back of the truck. For this reason, he pulled over to the shoulder and tried to assist the victims.

This is how the car that the singer Huguito Flores drove looked like
This is how the car that the singer Huguito Flores drove looked like

Although the accused tried to distance himself from the incident, the public official decided to charge him with triple manslaughter in a traffic accident and serious injuries, to the detriment of Catalina Flores. According to the information of Panorama Diarythe experts pointed out that the truck's wheels were worn and even had holes, while the hood was tied with a cable, so the vehicle would not have been in proper driving order.

Likewise, the truck driver explained that the two front lights of the vehicle worked, but that in the rear there was only the light located on the left side of the truck. For the moment, the Prosecutor's Office anticipated that it will continue "taking testimonial statements from the occupants of the vehicle that was heading in the opposite direction," and added that "a statement will be taken from the truck driver's companion."

On the other hand, the investigators confirmed that Roldán was domiciled in the town of La Garza, belonging to the department of Sarmiento, so Mussi ordered neighborhood surveys to be carried out and explained that "the investigation continues with the completion of various expertise, such as the report of the truck and criminalistics reports.”

As for the trucker's lawyer, Eduardo Chavezanticipated that he will request his release in the coming days, since he claimed that there is no risk of escape, while highlighting that he did not flee after the accident, he tested negative in the alcohol test and has no type of criminal record.

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