Hugo Sánchez, willing to take command of the National Team

Hugo Sánchez said he was willing to resume command of the Mexican soccer team.

during the table of Spicy SoccerThe now commentator said that he does not rule out the idea of ​​becoming a technical director again.

David Faitelson announced that Mexico’s first games next year will be against Jamaica and Suriname.

The Mexican striker spoke out for not participating more in cool games.

During the ESPN program he was questioned by José Ramón Fernández if he would be willing to talk to those “above”.

The pentapichichi asked if he would have to talk to López Obrador, but Josérra told him that “he has nothing to do with it.”

The communicator responded with another question:

-Jose Ramon: And what happens if they call you tomorrow, they offer it to you, you take it?
-Hugo: Yes.
-Jose Ramon: Sure.
-Hugo: Yes Yes.
-Jose Ramon: Is it safe, don’t you put obstacles?
-Hugo: Nerd.

Then David Faitelson also asked if he would work for free, which won his opinion against his tablemates, since all professionals charge for their services, they said.

“I’m ready,” Hugo said. “You shouldn’t waste it,” commented José Ramón.

Throughout the ESPN tables, Sánchez has spoken out for having a Mexican technical director.

He has even stated that there are two positions where a foreigner should never be held: in the Presidency of the Republic and as DT of the National Team.

Sánchez was National Technical Director between 2007 and 2008, but left after failing to qualify for the Olympic Games.