Hugo Sánchez was hurt with Cruz Azul: the Pentapichichi was upset by how they managed his candidacy in La Máquina

Hugo Sánchez was among the candidates to lead Cruz Azul.

Photo: Aaron M. Sprecher/Getty Images

Cruz Azul left Raúl "Potro" Gutiérrez due to the poor results at this start of the MX League. Many names were nominated to replace the coach, but Ricardo Ferretti would have kept the position. However, among the candidates was Hugo Sánchez, Mexican soccer legend who was upset by the way in which La Máquina chose "Tuca".

The "Pentapichichi" recognized that He was somewhat hurt by the management of the Cruz Azul board of directors. The former Real Madrid player he expected a return call to be informed that he would not be chosen as The Machine's trainer.

“What did catch my attention: the normal thing is (after) that they invite you to do an interview of candidates a large team has to call you before it appears in the media that the person in charge of directing is so-and-so“said Hugo Sánchez in Futbol Picante.

Cruz Azul, a small team from the administration

In this sense, Sánchez launched some hints in which he insinuated that Cruz Azul is not a big team, mainly because of the way it is handled diplomatically. But despite your annoyance, "Hugol" had good words for Ricardo Ferretti.

“Big teams are set up that way. I am used to (clubs like) Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, and the diplomacy, category and class that distinguishes you for being a great team (...) The decision made by Cruz Azul seems correct to me. You have to wish luck to both Tuca and Cruz Azul“, he indicated.

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