Hugo Sánchez once again lashed out at "Tata" Martino and revealed that he would be able to take his place 45 days after the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Former soccer player Hugo Sánchez directing a match for the Mexican national team when he was working as coach.

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Hugo Sánchez is one of the most emblematic figures in Mexican soccer thanks to his outstanding career as a player. The former striker has been one of the most critical of the process of Gerardo "Tata" Martino at the head of the national team. Now, the Aztec legend was launched against the DT due to the doubts that he has generated in recent months with the Tri and the poor results.

It was on the ESPN network, for which he works, where Hugo stated that if Martino is fired 45 days before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which will be held in November, he would be able to take on the challenge if called. “If they call me and tell me that they will take him out, I will take the national team 45 days before the World Cup, but it's not my problem”, he said in a debate about the national team after being questioned about a hypothetical return.

The Argentine coach is being questioned from different sides of public opinion due to the poor results in recent friendly matches, the low quality of collective, offensive and defensive play; and some technical decisions regarding the call.

Martin enemy number 1?

Hugo Sánchez has been one of his harshest detractors and every time he had the opportunity to criticize Martino using his role as a panelist on ESPN and Mexican soccer legend, he did not waste it. On the last FIFA date prior to the highest football competition, the team suffered a painful defeat against their similar team from Colombia (2-3) after going two goals up. This caused a great indignation in the fans and a sea of ​​criticism.

Of course, Sánchez did not miss that coven of adverse opinions towards the "Tata" process and even showed annoyance at the way in which the strategist offers his press conferences. At that time, the former Real Madrid player said "I deeply regret that Martino was coach of the national team."

“I don't like that a coach who is not Mexican is in the national team. I would love for Víctor Manuel Vucetich (DT of Rayados de Monterrey) to be the Mexico coach for Qatar 2022. And if not, Miguel Herrera. And if not, it would be me,” he added.

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