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Sofia Salina.

“Technologies that seemed like “science fiction” just a few years ago (for example, advanced machine learning, virtual reality, or the Internet of Things) are becoming increasingly real big investment opportunities for HR leaders. ”, adds the study of Meta 4, from Spain.

"However, he explained, there are usually significant gaps between the maturity of organizational processes and the ability of new technology to provide real added value."

Here more details.

“The advancement of technology, in many cases, can carry the danger of becoming an obsession with “shiny new toys” over core processes.

In addition to the aging workforce, the en masse addition of Generation Z to the global pool of skilled labor will undoubtedly have a huge impact.

Born in 1997 or later, the oldest members of this Generation Z have an average age of 24 years, which means that we are reaching a point where a greater proportion of this generation is finishing school and starting to work. full time.

Their yearning for flexibility and purpose at work, coupled with their love of technology and desire to be “good global citizens,” will no doubt cause organizations to rethink a lot in 2022 and beyond.

Skills gaps and shortages persist.

The World Economic Forum predicts that more than a billion people around the world will have to retrain by 2030.

Fosway found that, fueled by the pandemic, the digitization of work and the growing talent gap, “59% of European organizations said skills had become more important and 56% had taken steps to accelerate them.”

It is clear that upskilling and reskilling will be a strategic priority for organizations around the world in the years to come.

The events of the last two years have made responsiveness key to the HR function. Initially, when the pandemic hit, it was necessary to ensure people's safety. But if this reactive approach continues unchecked in 2022, this deviation will wreak havoc.

2022 is the year to move away from this reactivity and welcome proactivity in responding to what is happening around us. How? Readjusting your HR strategy, processes and activities towards a longer-term vision.

Rebecca Wettemann, director of Valoir, mentions four main areas in which you must base the readjustment of your HR strategy, here is one of them.

Purpose and meaning at work are, once again, top priority. After all, we are human; not robots.

According to the 2021 McKinsey study, 70% of employees surveyed said that a sense of purpose is defined by the job. Several studies over the years have shown that carrying out meaningful and purposeful work is essential for the well-being and fulfillment of people.

Now is the time for organizations to help their employees find purpose at work by realigning daily tasks with larger ones.

Studies have revealed that there are three main factors that contribute to meaningful work: 1. Autonomy, variety and challenge. 2. A good balance between professional and personal life. 3. Rewarding social interactions

Added to these important factors, the experience of meaning at work is facilitated by building a strong organizational culture, and through transformational and visionary leadership,” he concluded.


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