HP drives PC innovation

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Companies around the world are facing new challenges to remain competitive, as the implementation of hybrid work or the impact of artificial intelligence, and to support them HP focused on innovating and has just launched more than 20 new devices and services.

These are new products and solutions, software and services that will come to market in the next quarter. Our focus is to help customers live better, work happier and dream bigger,” said HP President and CEO Enrique Lores.

When inaugurating HP Imagine 2023, he explained that the trends that inspired the technology company to develop these new equipment and services were the employees' need for flexibility.the impact of artificial intelligence not only to make companies more productive, but also to generate new experiences, as well as the trust that technology needs to gain among people.

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“HP technology is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of our customers and we continue to harness the power of our innovation to create amazing new experiences,” said Lores.


The technology company launched HP AI Studio, which is a data science platform that fosters collaboration and accelerates workflows between data scientists and artificial intelligence developers. anywhere in the world.

This is because it allows users to create shared projects, connect to the necessary data and invite collaborators.

Additionally, HP aims to be the first company to offer dedicated workstation solutions with the Nvidia AI Enterprise software platform to the market in the coming months.

Thinking about improving work spaces, announced a new conference room-as-a-service subscription called Managed Collaboration Services which will begin testing globally in April 2024.

It is used to manage, operate and optimize videoconferencing rooms through Poly brand devices, in particular because it can extract and analyze data to offer recommendations and even solve some problems before they occur and from a distance.

On the other hand, HP announced the improvement of the Proactive Insights tool because, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, You will be able to anticipate problems and offer both recommendations and specific solutions for the IT team.

Users will be able to access Proactive Insights through Workforce Central starting next November.


Alex Cho, president of HP Systems, People and Solutions, commented that the technology company is focused on innovating computing and proof of this is the HP Specter Foldable PC and HP Envy Move.

The first is a laptop with a 17-inch folding screen, which means that the user can use it in three ways: laptop, tablet or as a desktop computer.

HP Specter Foldable PC was launched last month in the United States and the United Kingdom, it will now be available in 11 more countries mainly in the Asia Pacific region.

Talking about HP Envy Move It is an all-in-one computer with a 23.8-inch screen, which was designed to be carried everywhere thanks to a discreet handle, weighing just over 4 kilos, a self-deploying kickstand and a built-in battery with up to 4 hours. duration.

To this is added that The device has a QHD screen, adaptive surround sound, 13th generation Intel Core i5 processor, up to 16 Gigabyte of RAM and up to 1 Terabyte of storage.


Cho recalled that the video game market continues to grow and, in fact, it is expected that there will be close to 3.8 billion video gamers by 2027.

Considering the above and that this is accompanied by a growth in the creation of content and streaming of video games, HP presented new devices from its HyperX brand.

It's about the new HyperX Vision S Webcam capable of streaming in 4K, the HyperX Audio Mixer Audio Interface to have the best sound quality and HyperX Caster which is a spring-loaded arm for microphones and webcams.

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