Howden reinforces its presence in Mexico

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At the moment The insurance group has operations in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, with the support of its specialty center in Miami. In Mexico the market insurance and sureties was made up of 113 institutions and premiums issued for 707 billion pesos in 2022
Howden, the global insurance group, reinforces its presence in Mexico and Latin America with a new brand that brings together its operations global brokers under one name.

The change comes after the company's recent announcement to unify and simplify its business structure under a single aligned global executive, with insurance brokerage, reinsurance brokerage and underwriting reporting directly to its Global CEO, David Howden.

In Mexico at the end of 2022, the insurance and surety market was made up of 113 institutions and premiums issued for 707 billion pesos. Of that total, 97% corresponded to direct premium and the rest to reinsurance and reguarantee taken. The insurance sector went from 693 thousand million pesos in 2021 to 673 thousand million pesos in 2022 in its direct premium, which means a drop of 3% vs. 2021. For its part, the surety sector reported an increase in direct premium, going from 12 thousand MDP to 15 thousand million pesos, that is, an increase of 17.6% compared to the end of December 2021, this according to data from the National Insurance and Finance Commission.

The brand Howden It is represented by 15 thousand people in 50 countries and more than 35bn USD; that captures the scale of the company's operations for millions of customers, as well as providing a fresh and dynamic visual approach, expressing its collective difference. Howden has created a company run by the people who work for it, with the necessary architecture that provides its clients with the best knowledge in insurance matters; opening new opportunities growth thanks to the power of a single global brand.

"Our go-to-market strategy is simple: we are committed to acting as one company, bringing the full strength of all our experts, regardless of their specialty or geography, for the benefit of our clients. In this way, with transparency and trust, I can pledge that all our stakeholders will get the best from us," comments David Howden, CEO of Howden.

"In Latin America, this rebrand means that we are strengthening our proposition for both clients and talent in the region with a identity truly distinguishable that reflects our caliber as a global player and shows that we offer a fresh, dynamic and different approach", comments Pablo BoresCEO of Howden LATAM.

With this change, Howden is able to tell its story as a more powerful collective force, underlining its ambition to partner with other like-minded businesses in the region and continue to build local experience for local customers, as one company and as one brand.

Currently, Howden's operations in Latin America span four countries - Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico, supported by its specialty center in Miami - with nearly 800 employees with specialized knowledge serving local clients. Howden's goal is to continue developing its capabilities, including reinsurance, for the benefit of its Latin American clients and multinationals.

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