How your zodiac sign scares your crush

Nerves are common when you are in front of the person you like and many times they can betray you, so instead of showing the best face, a side of us comes out that we want to hide and cause them to be scared. Astrology can tell us what this dark side is based on our zodiac sign.

understand how our cosmic personality gets out of control in front of someone special it can help you prevent these emotions and thus show the person you really are. Although all the signs have strengths and weaknesses, the key to succeeding in love is to achieve a balance.

Next, meet what attitude of your zodiac sign can scare the person you likeaccording to astrologers from the Ask Astrology site.

being too direct. Your sign is passionate and wants to know everything about the person they like. Questions that are too personal may not be appropriate on first dates as they will think you are going too fast or in the worst case that you are nosy, and they will walk away.

Too honest criticism. In a relationship there is time for everything, but when your sign wants to conquer and gets nervous, it is inflexible. If you do not share the same tastes as your crush, you will let them know; Honesty may be valued, but it may confuse him and make him think you're not really interested.

the extreme flirtation. You are the most sociable and fun being of the zodiac, you love to talk and make friends. Your sign is friendly by nature and flirts with everyone, however, the special person does not see this with good eyes. It is a bad sign that turns on the red lights.

Being passive and not taking the initiative. Although your sign is affectionate and emotional, it is difficult for them to rush forward in love, which causes your crush to feel that you are not really interested. If you manage to open up more, this will be a thing of the past.

impose your will. As a fire sign ruled by the Sun, you like to be the center of attention and have your opinions heard. You can inadvertently adopt an authoritarian attitude towards your date, although you do not do it with bad intentions because you want to show how splendid you are, it can scare your lover.

Being overly analytical and perfectionist. Contrasting as it may seem, your calculating and perfectionist attitude is a sign of insecurity for the person you like. You overanalyze everything and without realizing it you raise an emotional barrier that can discourage your partner.

Talk about engagement and marriage too fast. As a sign ruled by Venus, you are romantic and love to imagine what the future would be like with your date. However, talking about commitments in the first few dates and when you have not decided to formally date, will scare your partner.

Jealousy from the start. Your zodiac sign is intense and passionate, and often struggles with trust issues. This causes you to doubt your date from the beginning and feel jealous of everyone. Being possessive is not a good sign for your partner.

It's too cloying. Although your sign is independent and does not like commitments, when you are in love your perspective changes. You want to be with your partner all the time to the point of exhausting your personal space.

sin of pessimism. A problem that your sign has in love is that it always sees the glass as half empty. You think your date is dating you because he wants something from you that isn't your heart. Of course you don't know that, and prejudging her may scare her away.

be very sarcastic. Your sense of humor is black and not everyone loves it. Your sign is intelligent, although unstable with their senses of humor, which can confuse your date and run away.

Evade reality. At first your date will think that you are the best candidate because you are understanding, kind, nice, sensitive and empathetic, but too dreamy. Staying in your fantasy world is not appropriate on first dates because your partner will interpret that you do not live in reality.

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