How was Peru vs Brazil in Lima on date 2 of the 2026 Qualifiers

How was Peru vs Brazil in Lima on date 2
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Where to watch Peru vs Brazil LIVE NOW: match by date 2 of the 2026 Qualifiers - Credit: AFP.

Peru fell painfully against Brazil at the National Stadium in Lima for date 2 of the 2026 Qualifiers. Juan Reynoso's team was scored on the last play and the game did not go any further. In two days, the team could only add one point.

The goal came 90' 鈥嬧媔nto the final half. A corner kick from neymar ended up in the head Marquinhoswho easily beat Raul Ruid铆az in the jump. The 'canarinha' He achieved three units and added six in the Positions table.

MIN 90: Brazil goal! After a corner kick from neymar from the right side, Marquinhos He appeared at Pedro Gallese's near post and scored the winning goal. Raul Ruid铆az He couldn't handle the Brazilian's jump.

The defender scored in the last minute against the Peruvian team in the Qualifiers. (Video: ATV)

Historic moment. Joao Grimaldo He made his official debut with Peru. The skilled 20-year-old came on in place of Andy Polo for the entire second half. In the previous, Paolo Guerrero and Pedro Gallese They encouraged him like a father to his son.

Tremendous moment for the 20-year-old forward who plays for Sporting Cristal. (Video: ATV)

Summary of the first half between Peru and Brazill. There were two goals disallowed for the visiting team after VAR intervention. Few clear situations for the Peruvian team.

Goalless draw in the first 45 minutes. On the visit they had two goals disallowed. (Video: ATV)

MIN 44: Tremendous save Pedro Gallese after violent auction of neymar from the right side of the Peru area. Juan Reynoso's team was saved at the end of the first half.

After Neymar's shot, the Peruvian team goalkeeper avoided a 1-0 lead at the Nacional in Lima. (Video: ATV)

MIN 29: Second goal disallowed for Brazil! Richarlison scored with a header, however, VAR alarmed the chief judge. In the end it took them 6 minutes to declare the Brazilian striker's advanced position.

This time, Richarlison was unable to celebrate Brazil's first at the National Stadium. (Video: ATV)

MIN 15: Goal disallowed for Brazil! Raphinha defined in the heart of the Peruvian area, but everything was invalidated by the Argentine referee. This because neymar He started in an advanced position before assisting the Barcelona player.

Raphinha scored, but Neymar was offside before assisting his teammate. (Video: ATV)

Emotional! Thus they intoned National Anthem of Peru for a duel against Brazil for matchday 2 of the Qualifiers. Tremendous moment that makes your skin crawl.

This is how they sang at the team's home for the duel on date 2 of the Qualifiers. (Video: ATV)

Confirmed Peru lineup to clash with Brazil. Renato Tapia will be central and will partner with Luis Abram. Andy Polo and Marcos L贸pez will be wingers. Andr茅 Carrillo and Paolo Guerrero will be in the attack zone.

Lineup of Peru vs Brazil for the 2026 Qualifiers. (La Bicolor)
Lineup of the Brazil team for the clash against Peru on date 2 of the 2026 Qualifiers.

Brazil He also arrived at the sports venue. Neymar and Richarlison They were the last players to step into the visiting team's dressing room. The delegation arrived in two buses.

With Neymar and Richarlison, the visiting team is already in the dressing rooms of the venue for the Qualifiers duel. (Video: ATV)

With Pedro Gallese at the head, the peruvian team He is already at the National Stadium in Lima for what will be the match with Brazil for matchday 2 of the South American Qualifiers. There is tranquility and confidence.

With Pedro Gallese at the helm, the Peruvian team has already set foot at the sports venue where it will host Brazil. (Video: ATV)

Despite the confirmed withdrawal of 'Fought' Adv铆ncula by suspension, the cancellation of Christofer Gonzales due to injury and the possible absence of Miguel Trauco due to ailments, the expectations of seeing the 'everyone's team' in it 'Colossus of Jos茅 D铆az' They are big and that is why all the tickets on sale were sold.

Those who have not purchased a ticket to watch the aforementioned contest in the stands will have up to three different signals to view the sporting event in national territory. Likewise, throughout South America There are also various networks that acquired the television rights to add the clash between Incas and 'cariocas' in their programming grids.

Paraguay Vs. Peru [0-0]: Summary for 2026 Qualifiers | Date 1 | YouTube: Conmebol

The 18 matches of the Peruvian team in the qualifying process, including the Peru vs Brazil, will be broadcast live on three Peruvian television channels. In an alliance announced six months ago it was confirmed that America TV, Andean Television (ATV) and Movistar Sports They are the media authorized to broadcast the meetings of the 'bicolor'. The last one mentioned is exclusive for Movistar TV subscribers and will not be available on its online platform. It should be noted that the first two are open signal.

- Movistar Sports: 3 SD and 703 HD exclusively on Movistar TV

- America TV: 4 SD and 704 HD on Movistar TV, 4 SD and 504 HD on Claro TV, 194 SD on DirecTV.

- ATV: 9 SD and 709 HD on Movistar TV, 9 SD and 509 HD on Claro TV, 199 SD on DirecTV.

Peru vs Brazil will be broadcast on three different channels: ATV, Am茅rica TV and Movistar Deportes - Credit: Getty
Peru vs Brazil will be broadcast on three different channels: ATV, Am茅rica TV and Movistar Deportes - Credit: Getty

Now that the antennas in Peru where the match can be observed are known, it is time to find out where they will be projected in the remaining countries of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol). Below are the media allowed in each nation.

Let's start with our opponent on duty. In Brazil can be viewed through Balloon and SportTV. In Argentina coverage will be provided by TyC Sports (at the end of Chile vs Colombia) and TyC Sports 2 live. In Chili will be through ChileVision (at the end of the clash between 'mapochos' and 'coffee growers') and the streaming platform Paramount+. In Colombia A similar situation will be experienced, since Snail and RCN Channel They will pass the game once the duel with the 'red'. In Ecuador It will go two ways: The Soccer Channel (ECDF) and Teleamazonas. In Uruguay will be seen by AUF TVowned by the Uruguayan Football Association, which has a monthly subscription cost.

On the first date of the Qualifiers 2026the 'verdeamarela' They received Bolivia at the Olympic Stadium in Par谩 and defeated them heavily 5-1. On that evening, his captain neymar He scored a double and became the all-time top scorer for his team and surpassed the late legend Pele with 79 scores.

Of this total of conquests, How many were against the Peruvian team? The recent signing of Al Hilal scored six times against the 'bicolor'. Four were Qualifiers and the rest were for the Copa Am茅rica.

Brazil beat Bolivia 5-1 on the first date of the 2026 Qualifiers.

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