How to use the energy of the new Moon to purify yourself spiritually

The new moon phases are ideal for liberation rituals.

Photo: Anderson Rian/Unsplash

When there is a new moon, the energy that our natural satellite emanates helps to release negative emotions and feelings, being ideal nights to purify the spirit through some rituals. This lunar phase, which represents the beginning of a cycle, serves as an impulse to manifest desires and release the weight that keeps our soul or aura restless.

The Moon is the astrological planet that represents emotions and intuitionIn addition, it motivates our most spiritual and mystical being. Thus, the nights of the new moon, being “hidden” in the dark, inspires the psychic side and puts us more in contact with the divine.

New moon purification with prayers

And it is precisely through prayer that we can have a stronger connection with the divine or the universe. Having a conversation with superior beings in new Moon phases can help us purify our spirit, if we wish..

The Moon purification prayer, according to the PopSugar site, should contain gratitude, thanks, and a request. An example might be “I am grateful for what I have in life and I am thankful that I am blessed. Under this new moon, I pray that for my spirit to be pure and free from any negative energy, it will be so.”

New moon bath to purify the soul

Another option to purify our soul in a new moon is the spiritual baths. These consist of taking advantage of lunar energy to connect with divinity using elements of nature.

If you have a bathtub, fill it with hot water and mix flowers, roses or fresh leaves from various trees, essential oils such as lavender, orange or ginger, Epsom or Himalayan salts, and add mysticism by lighting a white candle and incense of palo santo or sage.

If you don’t have a bathtub, boil water in a large container with the ingredients inside, let stand for a few minutes and when it cools down a bit, pour that water on your body after showering.

After your bath, get dressed in comfortable light-colored clothes, have a cup of tea, and meditate for a few minutes on what you want to release that night.

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