How to use perfume if you have sensitive skin

Alcohol could be a trigger for allergies, so use oil-based scents or wax perfumes.

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The composition of some perfumes can irritate the skin and cause unwanted reactions such as allergies, redness, inflammation, flaking, itching and burning.

First of all you should know if you have sensitive skin. This overreacts to external stimuli such as exposure to the sun, contact with certain chemical products or friction with clothing.

For those with sensitive skin, an application of perfume could present a long-lasting rash compared to the scent itself. But there is a lot you can do:

Spray on clothing

Instead of applying the perfume to your skin, you can apply it to your clothes, as it will help you enjoy the fragrance without irritating your skin. Spray the perfume around you to create a fine mist and allow it to settle on your clothes.

Use alcohol-free perfumes

Alcohol could be a trigger for allergies, so use oil-based scents or wax perfumes because they cause less skin irritation.

Instead of applying perfume to your neck, check the perfume on another area of ​​your skin, such as the shoulders, chest or even in the hair to see how he reacts.

Apply to a non-irritating area

If your skin is allergic to perfume only in a specific area, you can use it on different areas of your skin to enjoy the fragrance.

For example, instead of using perfume on your neck, apply it to your chest or hair. You could even go to a dermatologist to perform tests to identify the immune parts of the skin.

use perfume tools

There are jewels with a metal diffuser that combine style and the ability to absorb and create fragrance.

perfume tools include fragrance jewelry, fragrance bracelets, necklaces and earrings Designed to deliver fragrance throughout the day. Fragrance jewelry absorbs the smell of perfume without the need to apply it.

Use body powder

You can also try body powder if the perfume definitely doesn't suit your skin. Compared to regular perfumes, body powders have many advantages and one of them is that it does not evaporate.

The body powder do not have many harsh chemicals that trigger allergic reactions And besides, the powder can absorb the moisture generated by sweat and help keep the body dry all day.

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