How to set up automatic responses on WhatsApp


Answer messages automatically, it only requires that the person configures the application correctly


Responding quickly to WhatsApp messages that are received can become a problem if a person is busy at the time. This leaves many users wondering what if they could set their phones to automatically reply to any contact you type.

well this It is possible thanks to the fact that WhatsApp incorporates a tool that makes it possible to program predetermined responses if the user receives a message. For this, there are two alternatives with options both native and external to the application itself, which meet the fundamental requirement of responding to messages received automatically.

Here we tell you how you can reply to WhatsApp messages so that they are answered instantly:

whatsapp business

The first option to configure the application so that it responds to messages by itself is by using the business version of WhatsApp. Although it is an app that is extremely similar to the messaging application itself, it has alternative functionalities designed to be able to develop business with it.

Among them is the being able to create default messages for when a potential client communicates. Users can take advantage of this because by downloading and installing this version of WhatsApp they can use what the application calls “missing messages”, which are automatically sent by the application.

To configure it, the user must access the “Tools for companies” and “Absence Message” option.which are found in the app’s settings panel.

After doing this, the person must write the message that will be sent to the rest of the users and select a “working schedule”, which will be the time during which the messages can be sent.


The other alternative requires the use of an external application called WhatsAutowhich can connect to WhatsApp and send the automatic messages that the user establishes.

To configure it, it is only necessary to select the application to which the app will connect and grant it the corresponding permissions. Notably One benefit of WhatsAuto is the fact that it also offers support for other messaging apps.

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