How to listen to YouTube in the background with another application open

YouTube is one of the most used platforms to play videos in the world but, in recent years, it has found a strong rival in Spotify, whose advantage lies in the option to play content in the background even in its free version. Although the same feature is available in its Premium version, some experts believe that it is possible to make YouTube play music in the background while another application is open, it just takes a few tricks to achieve it.

How to make YouTube play videos in the background?

According to Xataka, one of the easiest ways to play YouTube videos in the background, despite not having the Premium version, it is to download Dolphin Browser. This browser is available on the Apple App Store, and below are the steps to use it for this purpose:

1. After downloading Dolphin Browser, you need to type “” in your address bar so that the application redirects to the platform's official site.

Screenshot of Dolphin Browser interface.

2. When the YouTube page is fully displayed, use the search bar to locate the video you want to listen to and play it. Then press the iPhone's home button to make the video stop.

Youtube screenshot from Dolphin Browser
YouTube screenshot from Dolphin Browser.

3. Once the home screen appears, move it up to show the iPhone control center, which will show the video being played. Click on the “play” icon to continue playing while you use other applications on the same device.

Screenshot of the iPhone start menu
Screenshot of the iPhone start menu.

On Android phones, the process is similar, but the difference lies in the search engine. Xataka assures that, in that case, it is necessary to download Firefox, but it cannot be used in the same way as Dolphin Browser. After downloading the app, it should be used to download Video Background Play Fix, an extension that allows you to play music in the background without the need for additional applications.

The last option that exists to avoid any type of process or installation is to pay for a YouTube Premium membership, which does not exceed 20 dollars in its monthly plans with the advantage of the first month of free trial.

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