How to invoke the archangel Gabriel and in what cases it will help you


The archangels make up one of the nine choirs of the angelic hierarchy and are the penultimate before the angels. Although only 3 are mentioned in the Bible, the Catholic religion accepts 7 as members of the Heavenly Court. Gabriel is one of them and means “Force of God”.

He is the messenger in charge of announcing the conception of Jesus to the Virgin Mary and represents the balance between masculine power and feminine upbringing, however, in the Bible the archangels have no gender. for this role is associated with newborns and children.

He is represented with a lily rod, which was given to him by Mary at the time of the annunciation and represents immaculate purity.

The functions entrusted to Gabriel are instruct souls during pregnancy to accept the body as an instrument that will help them fulfill their role on Earth.

In what cases invoke the archangel Gabriel?

The main quality of this archangel is to drive away falsehood. In addition, it helps with perseverance, attracts good company, alleviates ills in love and protects pregnant women, according to the site Luz Blanca Ángeles.

Likewise, his help can be asked if you need artistic inspiration, facilitate communication processes, give wisdom to medical personnel during childbirth, as well as to mothers and newborns.

The day in his honor is Wednesday, the service he provides is hope, his virtue is purity and he is associated with the color white.

How to invoke the archangel Gabriel?

The ritual for its invocation has greater power on Wednesdays, however, it can be called on any day of the week. To request your divinity you need a pink candle for feelings and family or a white candle for any kind of help you provide..

Once you light the candle of your choice, recite the Saint Gabriel prayer:

“Glorious Archangel Gabriel, strength of God, prince among the angelic spirits, representative of the Most High, who were chosen to announce the Incarnation to the Most Holy Virgin: I beg you to pray to God for me, so that I may enjoy the fruit of divine redemption. in the glory of Heaven. Amen”.

You can add a prayer in your own words to receive his protection or send his help to a loved one.

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