How to have the best experience in intimacy according to

How to have the best experience in intimacy according to each sign of the Zodiac?

The stars reveal the most exhilarating sexual positions for the 12 zodiac signs.

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Just as an astral chart can decipher which is the ideal couple according to the compatibility between the signs, it also allows to identify which are the sexual positions that produce the greatest satisfaction for each of the representatives of the zodiac sign that they assumed at birth, this from according to astrologer and sexologist Stefanie Iris Weiss.

“Each of our birth charts has so much variety within it, and all zodiac signs can theoretically engage in any sexual position. Your sun sign is really helpful in deciphering your ‘wish matrix’ because it reflects your fundamental instincts,” she recently stated.

Based on the expert’s remarks, below, we will analyze astrological sexual positions that best suit each zodiac sign.


Being a sign of their own initiative, they tend to exercise control in intimacy with an inclination towards dominant positions in bed, where they tend to plant themselves on top of their partner with their eyes set on their feet.


Being the most sensual sign of the zodiac, Taurus love to engage all their senses during their sexual relations. However, he opts for the classic “Missionary” position.


She usually tends to get bored quickly in intimacy, so she often experiments with positions that involve acrobatics like “The Ballet Dancer,” where one person wraps one leg around the other.


Because your nature is sensitive and affectionate, you prefer to make love in a slow, romantic and affectionate way. So snuggling is one of the best sexual positions.


She usually practices all kinds of acrobatic and standing sexual positions. However, she leans towards a “Doggy style” position, where the two involved face the same direction.


People ruled by this sign tend to enjoy long sessions of oral sex.


Being extremely romantic, they like to look into their partner’s eyes from very close, so the “Missionary” position is among their favorites.


Identified for being the most sexually dominant sign, it has a certain fascination for the “Lotus” position, looking directly at its partner.


He tends to be in all sorts of even combined positions in bed, like the “Missionary” with one leg up in a split, or with both legs over his head.


It is one of the few signs that like to be subjected in privacy, so any standing position and even against the wall is interesting for them.


Being an experimental and more avant-garde sign, he tends to get bored with traditional sex, so he is no stranger to using sexual devices or toys during intercourse to make it more interesting.


Having a deeply spiritual side, when it comes to sex your best position is anyone who places you face to face with your partner with full body contact.

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