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How to Choose the Ideal Bicycle for You in the
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In a world where urban mobility and sustainability have become essential, choosing the right bike can be a crucial decision. With Buen Fin 2023 just around the corner, the opportunity to purchase the ideal bicycle has never been better.

From the vibrant streets of Mexico City to rural roads, the bicycle presents itself as an elegant and ecological solution.

This Profeco guide for Buen Fin 2023 will provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision and enjoy the countless benefits that a bicycle can offer, both for your health and for the environment.

The Rise of Bicycles Today:

The bicycle has gained popularity as a means of transportation and recreation, driven by the need for healthy and ecological alternatives, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.

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Types of Bicycles and Their Functionalities:

Mountain bikes: Ideal for uneven terrain, not recommended for long distances in the city.

Youth bicycles: Similar to mountain bikes but in smaller sizes, for short distances.

Racing bikes: Light and fast, designed for pavement and long distances.

Children's bicycles: For children up to 11 years old, more focused on appearance than functionality.

Considerations when Buying a Bicycle:

Evaluate where and how you will use the bicycle.

Determine the size and type of bicycle you need.

Establish a budget including accessories and possible repairs.

Make sure the availability of spare parts.

Benefits of Using the Bicycle:

Improves cardiovascular health, reduces cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, improves posture and reduces stress.

Despite the benefits, urban infrastructure still presents challenges for cyclists.

Cycle lanes and cycle lanes are being developed in several cities to guarantee safe and efficient mobility.

Mexico has seen an increase in the manufacture of bicycles and the adoption of this means of transportation.

Choosing a bicycle depends on your personal needs, the environment and the type of use you will give it. Consider the health benefits and environmental impact when making your decision this Buen Fin 2023.

These are the most common types of bicycle

* Mountain bikes

Its characteristics are: 24" and 26" wheels, they have a reinforced frame, suspension on the front wheel (sometimes also in the rear part of the frame), they have between 21 to 27 speeds, disc or brake disc brakes and flat handlebars. or elevated.

They can be used on dirt roads, steep gaps, and rocky slopes, but should not be used for long distance or high-speed rides.

* Youth bicycles

It has similar characteristics to mountain ones, but in 16" to 20" ruts.

They can be used for limited distances, paved roads or uneven dirt roads. They should not be used for long distances or high-speed rides as they are heavy and are handled in a non-aerodynamic position.

* Racing bikes

Its features include an aluminum or light steel frame, dropped handlebars, narrow and smooth wheels, and they have 12 to 30 speeds.

These bikes are suitable for long distances and paved roads with slopes. They should not be used on dirt or rocky roads.

* Children's bicycles

They come in 10", 12" and 14" sizes; they are designed for children up to 11 years old and five feet tall.

They are not suitable for easy pedaling and are usually uncomfortable. Most of these bikes are built with more attention to appearance than function.

When purchasing a bicycle you should consider

* Where are you going to use it? You must be aware that a mountain bike is not suitable for driving in the city and vice versa.

* What pedaling rhythm will you practice? So if you like fast pedaling on pavement, select a racing bike. But if it is for excursions, a youth one is ideal.

* Is the bicycle for work? If so, check that for moderate routes you can consider the simple youth one or a mountain one without suspension.

* How tall should the bicycle be? To check if the frame is too high or low, ride the bike without sitting on the seat, with your feet flat on the floor, measuring the distance between your crotch and the top of the frame's horizontal tube. If you have doubts, go to a store where they can guide you on the size that best suits you and where you can find the one you really need.

* Procure anticipate a budget and not spend more. From the cost of the bicycle to the accessories, always keep in mind a budget to spend. Don't forget to compare prices and if one is a little over your budget but it is quality, don't hesitate and spend it, you will surely appreciate it in the future.

* Consider the after-sales service; Look for a store or agency that has a good repair and rectification workshop.

* Acquire brand components recognized to avoid problems in the event that failures occur and there is no possible repair.

* Make sure that there are spare parts for the model you choose. It is very important that you go to a trusted provider.

What you should check when buying a bicycle…

When purchasing a bicycle, important aspects must be taken care of, since these will guarantee a good purchase.

* Warranty. The coverage and duration of the warranty must be verified.

* Finishes. It is necessary to check that the bicycles do not have exposed edges or protrusions that could come into contact with any part of the user's body.

* Resistance to use and impacts. If possible, ride the bicycle to test its vibration, impact and checking for damage to the structure and functions of the bicycle.

* Break system. Check that the brakes have good fit, assembly and function properly. Also verify that the brake shoes resist heating due to friction, and the brake controls are in the correct position for the driver.

* Transmission system. Check that the chain works properly without failures during use; In the case of pedals, they rotate freely on their axis and do not register lateral displacements.

* The tires. Check the tire's ability to maintain pressure and inflation.

* Safety device. The presence of reflectors should be checked, as well as minimal insertion marks on seat posts and handlebars.

* Technology. If you are going to purchase a bicycle with technologies such as speedometers, lights, among other accessories that will need to be verified.

* Accessories. Helmets, glasses, safety vest, and other accessories that you should buy to drive safely around the city.


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