How to auto unblock me from WhatsApp

The WhatsApp blocking option represents the communication barrier most feared by all the users of this instant messaging application that has the first place in the world. It is because it completely limits the sending and receiving of messages or calls from a specific number, which is not supposed to be able to establish contact no matter how hard you insist. Despite this principle, there is a method that allows us to deactivate this function from our phones, even if we are blocked, with the intention of reestablishing communication in cases of extreme urgency.

How to “auto unblock” on someone else's WhatsApp?

1. Go to the home screen and open whatsapp.

2. Once inside WhatsApp, click on the "Settings" tab, located in the lower right corner.

3. When the configuration options are displayed, click on "Account" to access other more specific options.

4. The screen will display various options. Select “Delete account”, which is the last option among them. In a nutshell, these first few steps lead to the deletion of the WhatsApp account to continue the unlocking process.

5. The recommended, once the WhatsApp account is deleted, it is restart the phone to download the app again.

6. When the application is reinstalled, follow the steps of the usual registration process in WhatsApp to be able to restart the account. This includes re-registering the phone number, personal details, and entering the verification code.

Although it can be carried out on all types of phones, the process seems to be especially efficient on those with Android OS. Experts recommend carrying it out only in extreme cases where communication with the person who has blocked us is an imperative need (debts, commitments, danger). In that sense, any other circumstance that escapes or is not related to the above could be considered harassment and could be punished by law.

It is important, moreover, keep in mind that when we delete an account on WhatsApp we must make a backup before so as not to run the risk of losing information accumulated so far in the different individual and group chats within the application.

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