How Saturn Retrograde Will Affect Zodiac Signs


Saturn, the astrological planet of discipline, hard work, responsibilities and the one in charge of life lessons, will be retrograde in Aquarius from June 4 to October 22, months in which its effects will begin to be felt gradually as we go into its retreat.

Retrogrades in astrology refer to when a planet seems to change its usual orbit and recedes in the sky, an optical effect that occurs due to our position on Earth. The impact of these transits depends on aspects such as the planet that retrogrades and the sign in which it does so.

2022 Saturn Retrograde Transit Occurs in Fixed Air Sign Aquariusso, according to the horoscope on the Astrotalk site, its effects on the zodiac will be as follows:

It will affect your future plans so it will be the right time to boost your career and personal finances. There will be new opportunities, however, you will have to focus to find them and not get distracted along the way.

You will see progress on plans worked on days or months ago. However, it is likely that they will experience some delays, which will be resolved and once they flow, they will enjoy the honeys of success.

You are likely to face problems in different areas of your life. His mood could be unbearable as he will experience sudden mood swings. They must reflect on their work responsibilities to avoid losses or negative consequences due to misguided acts.

There will be major changes in your life. Some disagreements with your spouse may occur over issues related to the success of one or the other. It is not an auspicious transit for your finances, so you will have to seriously analyze your personal expenses.

The problems in couple life could be the protagonists of this transit. It’s time to set healthy boundaries and learn from past experiences. The result can strengthen your relationship or you will find that you must go your separate ways.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will boost the businesses of Virgo natives and their work life will be prosperous. As for family life, they might experience some family disputes.

It is a favorable aspect for the love of the Libra. The couple’s relationship will be stable, harmonious and both will be winners. However, they will have to take care of their financial situation because it could be affected.

Saturn’s retrograde augurs a great change for Scorpio, such as a move at the door or a new job. As for their life inside the home, they will have to deal with some minor arguments.

Sagittarius will see positive results in finances, so you could take the opportunity to plan a trip or enjoy the success obtained after your efforts. However, they must have patience to enjoy that happiness.

They may be a bit arrogant because they feel that their loved ones are not expressing love clearly. They are likely to feel trapped, so a period of rest will do them good.

The retrograde transit of Saturn occurs in this sign, naturally it will be the most affected. They will reevaluate your financial situation because expenses could increase. On the level of love, they could experience some challenges such as a lack of affection.

You will need to be careful with money because there could be unnecessary expenses along the way. When they make decisions, mainly in their work life, they must analyze them well to make sure they choose the right one.

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