How Russian businesses operating in the US are suffering

Russian merchants are already suffering the consequences of the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin to sell their products in the United States

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The consequences that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having is not only affecting the native citizens of the aggressor country, but also those who live in the United States and carry out commercial activities.

Russians living across the United States have been stigmatized and frowned upon for the invasion of Ukraine. This situation has already affected them not only in their image as immigrants, but also in being able to operate their businesses.

An example of the adversity facing the Russian community is represented by the Yasha supermarket in Phoenix, Arizona, which disclosed to Arizona’s Family that the war conflict is affecting their ability to obtain the imported products they sell.

On the other hand, the Russian trade is also struggling with the bad reviews that can be found on Google from people upset by the name of the trade. This makes marketing more complicated.

In the north of the country, the situation for Russian immigrants is no better, in Milwaukee, the Russian Food & Gifts company recently changed its name to European Food & Gifts, a movement that allows not to be linked to the country that started the present war, according to the Mashed food review portal.

Despite the negative image of the Russian community living in the United States, several restaurant businessmen are against the decisions that have been made by the government led by Vladimir Putin.

According to a report by the NBC network, in New York the Russian businesswoman Mariia Dolinsky, co-owner of the Tzarevna restaurant, established a position that has little to do with the warlike ideas of the leaders who lead her country.

“It is sad that being Russian is supposed to mean that we support Russian aggression. This is Putin’s war, not the Russians’,” he noted. But the positions against the invasion have also been published on social networks, such is the case of the Russian Tea Room, one of the most iconic places of the Russian community in New York.

Despite the fact that a large part of the Russian community has distanced itself from the government headed by Putin, if the military actions do not stop, the rejection experienced by immigrants from this country may increase.

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