How much money did it cost Mexican fans to travel to accompany the Cañeros de Mochis in the 2023 Caribbean Series?

Los Cañeros de Los Mochis began their journey with a victory against the Dominican Republic 5-4 in their first game of the Caribbean Caribbean Series Greater Caracas 2023. The last time the tournament was held in Venezuela, the Mexican team was the one that was champion.

A group of approximately 80 Mexican fans accompany the Cañeros de Los Mochis team during the Caribbean Series. A fan explained that most of them came in groups through travel agencies and will be there for all the games of the Mexican team.

The Caribbean Series takes place in two stadiums: the Estadio Fórum de La Guaira and the Monumental Simón Bolívar, opened for this tournament.

A group explained that the package for the seven games that the Mexican team will play in the Caribbean tournament had a price between $60,000 and $70,000 Mexican pesos. (more than $3,200 dollars).

The tourist combo includes accommodation at the Renaissance Hotel in La Castellana de Caracas, two tours of the city and transfer to the meetings at the Simón Bolívar Monument and the La Guaira Forum.

A fan who traveled from Querétaro expressed that he liked the Simón Bolívar stadium, but that access to the stadium seemed complicated due to the long walk and the stairs to reach their seats.

Dominican fans also traveled as a group to the metropolitan city with a travel package for all the Tigres del Licey matches. The group of Dominican fans explained that they spent approximately 2,000 dollars in the combo for all encounters.

The fans were in the first match against the Dominican Republic with their characteristic rattles and flags encouraging and enjoying the Mexican comeback against the Tigres del Licey team.

Mexico will play again at the La Rinconada Stadium on the second day of the Caribbean Series against the Curaçao team at 2:00 pm Los Angeles time and 5:00 pm Eastern time.

Below are the prices of food and drinks inside the La Rinconada Stadium.


Beers: 1 dollar

Rum service: from 40 to 100 dollars

Hot dogs: from $2 to $8.5

Pepitos: from 5 to 8 dollars

Hamburgers: from 5 to 10 dollars

Chicken pieces: from 6 to 12 dollars

Grills: $17

Venezuela shirt: 50 dollars

Caps: 40 and 50 dollars

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