How much do Cuban doctors earn?

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Ruben Cortes.

Now that the struggle for the official candidacy is starting, it must be remembered that Claudia Sheinbaum reserved the information on the Second Floors for 10 years in 2004. And that is stated in the Official Gazette of the Federal District.

Being then Secretary of the Environment, the current Head of Government reserved the following:

—Accounts to settle—Budget increases—transfers, tenders and files of the technical committees—Reporting of the observations related to the audits carried out on the trust, contracts and agreements.

The opacity on the Second Floors was the premiere of the government style of the political group that has all the power in Mexico today: removing information that should be public, but making it prohibited.

It happens today with the salary received by the Cuban doctors whose services the Mexican government buys from the Cuban dictatorship, as slave labor: the doctors do not receive the payments, but the Cuban government.

The Secretary of Health "reserved" the information on payments to Cuban doctors, as a "national security matter," because it has to do with relations with a foreign government.

Through the Cuban doctors themselves it is known that the Mexican government gives them food and lodging; while paying Cuba 10,000 dollars a month for each of the doctors, who do not receive a penny.

Yes: it is the house brand, avoid public scrutiny. For example, he reserved the files on Russian spies here until after he hands over power; and on political asylum for Evo Morales.

Regarding the Russian spies, he argues that: "this matter would affect the image of Mexico abroad, would imply a loss of harmonious coexistence between countries and violates the trust in the exchange of information."

And, about Evo Morales, that "the information could be used to reconfigure organizations, and would hinder or prevent intelligence or counterintelligence operations in different areas of the region."

The information about the Mayan Train and Dos Bocas is also “secret”. And in one of those, they even reserve the brand of coffee that the secretaries of state drink. It is in their nature: prohibit, hide, cancel, reserve, classify.

So autocracy.

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