How is the vote going to win the majority in the Senate: Democrats or Republicans?

The majority in the Senate is not yet defined.

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Senate position being contested in Georgia may be due to go to a runoff votejust as it happened in 2020, while in Arizona and Nevada the counts continue.

In that entity, Democratic senator Raphael Warnockwho won a special election in 2020, is seeking his first full six-year term.

Warnock and the Republican candidate, Herschel-Walkerremain below 50% of the votes, which would force a second round vote on December 6.

This is due to the integration to the competence of the libertarian Chase Oliverwho registers little more than 2% of the votes so far, when the count is already 99%.

For now, Warnock has 49.42% of the vote and Walker 48.52%.

Also missing is the final vote for Arizona and Nevada, which may determine a possible majority.

With 90% of the votes counted, the Democratic senator Catherine Cortez-Masto adds 47.80% of the votes against, while the Republican challenger Adam Laxalt, accumulates 49.42%.

Laxalt, who was state attorney general, complicated Cortez-Masto’s re-election, forcing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to focus its efforts on that contest, but the result still does not seem so favorable.

In the case of Arizona, Democratic Senator Mark Kelly is seeking a full term after winning a 2020 special election but ran into a challenge from Donald Trump-backed businessman Blake Masters.

The count goes to 78%. The count goes to 78%. At the moment, Kelly leads with 51.43% of the votes against 46.43% of Masters.

Regardless of those races, Republicans lead with 49 positions at the moment, against 48 for Democrats, who need to win two more to maintain a majority and integrate Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote.

If the trend is confirmed and Cortez-Masto loses but Kelly wins, Democrats will need a resounding victory in Georgia.

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