How is the Three Kings Day celebrated in Latin America?


Several Latin American countries celebrate every January 6 the Day of the Magi, one of the most popular Christmas celebrations that commemorates the adoration of the Child Jesus by the three wise men, from the East, who render honors and bring gifts to the newborn. born.

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar are the Three Wise Men, whom the Catholic Church recognizes as the wise men who traveled to Bethlehem, in charge of delivering presents such as gold, incense and myrrh, to honor Jesus of Nazareth, considered the King of Kings and Savior. of the world.

In several Latin American countries, the Spanish custom was adopted in which children receive gifts on this date. Some even write letters asking for their most desired presents and place them in their shoe to later receive the gifts under the Christmas tree.

Other children collect the grass, put it in a shoebox that they put next to the bed for the camels to “feed”. Wait until the next day – January 6 – to see their gifts.

Some of the countries that celebrate this date are: Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In some countries, such as Mexico, they also enjoy the so-called Rosca de Reyes, a Spanish tradition, which is enjoyed with alotes, chocolate or coffee.

And in the United States, the Hispanic community also seeks to maintain tradition. One of them is the traditional parade and live performance of the Nativity that the GALA Hispanic Theater performs in Washington, DC.

This artistic and cultural organization seeks to maintain Latin American traditions and customs in the US capital. For this opportunity and after being closed due to the pandemic, they held the traditional Three Kings Festival on Sunday, January 2, to encourage the preservation of Latin American customs and bring joy to many families.

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