How is the map of digital disconnection in the region?

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In Latin America, the expansion of connectivity is not only a question of infrastructure, but also of real access for the population. Although the networks cover wide areas, there is a significant gap affecting approximately 240 million people. It is crucial to fully explore the causes of this usage gap and develop initiatives that motivate communities to take advantage Internet. Building the tracks is the first step, then it is essential that everyone gets on the digital train.

Improve connectivity, close the digital divides, taking advantage of the benefits of digitalization must be a priority in public policies. It is imperative to stop perceiving the Internet as a luxury and start considering it a basic necessity. The Broadband Commission for Sustainable development The UN has set a goal of making basic broadband services affordable in developing countries, representing less than 2% of monthly gross national income per capita by 2025.

Meeting for Digital Inclusion in Latin America
Meeting for Digital Inclusion in Latin America

In Latin America, taxes and fiscal burdens disproportionately affect the telecommunications operators, impacting the affordability of mobile services. In some countries in the region, tax burdens already put prices above the UN affordability target for the bottom 20% of the income pyramid, according to GSMA data.

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