How did Marjorie Taylor Greene respond to her husband's request for divorce?

Marjorie Taylor Greene during her trial in court on April 22, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Arguing that their marriage was “hopelessly broken”on Wednesday, the representative's husband Marjorie TaylorGreenePerry Greene filed for divorce.

Business Insider, which had access to the court documents, notes that Perry Greene and the conservative congresswoman had been married for just over 27 years.

In his divorce petition, the man indicated that he and the congresswoman had been in a “good faith separation status” before filing documents in Floyd County, Georgia.

It also requested that the divorce be filed under seal, saying "the record will contain sensitive personal and financial information, the public disclosure of which would adversely affect the privacy interests of the parties."

Court documents also show that Marjorie Taylor Greene I receive the petition for divorce.

He gave me the best job title you can earn: mom.

Marjorie Taylor Greene issued a statement, in which it appears that everything between her and her husband was on good terms.

“Marriage is a wonderful thing and I firmly believe in it (…) Our society is made up of a husband and a wife who create a family to nurture and protect. Together, Perry and I have built our family and raised three wonderful children. He gave me the best job title you can earn: mom. I will always remember him and be grateful for the great father he is to our children," the congresswoman said in a statement.

In a chat with Insider, Perry Greene commented that the Republican she was his “best friend for the last 29 years” and an “amazing mother”.

“Our family is the most important thing we have ever done (…) As we go down different paths, we will continue to focus on our three amazing children and your future endeavors and our friendship.”

It will be necessary to see if his divorce concludes in the same friendly way as how it beginsas an internal analysis of the Greens' financial holdings by Insider indicates that they both have significant wealth and own numerous stocks together.

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