How a nose piercing left an 18-year-old paraplegic

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A shocking story has shaken social networks in recent days. Mariana Ávila Guillén, an 18-year-old girl from San José, Costa Rica, shared her experience in a TikTok video that has left thousands of users shocked. Mariana revealed that She became a paraplegic after getting her nose piercedan experience that It became a nightmare that changed his life forever..

Mariana, in a series of photographs shared on TikTok, expressed her feelings of discouragement at the thought that she might never walk again.

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In his own words: "If you ask me if I'm going to recover completely... I'll tell you that I'm already resigned to the point I've reached. I'm already 3 years into recovery. What was damaged, was damaged. I'll probably never move my legs again. toes".

The young woman decided share your story after receiving numerous questions from her followers on social media about how she became paraplegic. Mariana, in an explanatory video, revealed that his life changed dramatically in 2020 due to a nose piercing that he never imagined could have such serious consequences.

At the age of 15, Mariana made the decision to become a piercing in the nasal septum, a piercing in the middle part of the nose. His motivation, as he recounted her, It was the desire to fit in socially.. Despite her mother's initial refusal, he finally managed to convince her to take her to a hospital. piercing studio to get your piercing done.

The beginning of the discomfort in Mariana's body

However, what began as a desire for social acceptance It became a nightmare for Mariana. About a month after getting the piercing, she began experiencing numbness in her buttocks, but initially didn't pay much attention to it due to the virtual classes that had become common during the 2020 pandemic, which kept her sitting for long periods.

Shortly after, He began to notice numbness in his toes.. Despite these alarming signs, she did not seek medical help. until the day he woke up and found that he was unable to get out of bed.

This dramatic change in her mobility landed her in the hospital, where She remained hospitalized for several days As doctors struggled to determine the cause of his sudden loss of mobility in his lower extremities.

Staphylococcus aureusthe bacteria that left Mariana paraplegic

Finally, a operation on Mariana's back to investigate the cause of her paraplegia. The doctors discovered that A bacterial infection had affected her spinal cord and left her paraplegic.. The young woman shared that the doctors asked her if she had burst a pimple on her nose, since the infection that affected her, Staphylococcus aureus, had its origin in the nasal piercing that she had performed.

This bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, It is commonly harmless and is found on the skin of approximately 20% of people. It is also found in the nose of about 30% of healthy adults. However, in exceptional circumstances, it can become a deadly and highly resistant bacteria.

Mariana Ávila concluded her story by thanking her luck for not having lost her life due to this infection. Her story serves as a powerful warning about the risks associated with piercings and piercings, reminding everyone of the importance of taking precautions and seeking medical attention if experiencing any unusual symptoms after getting a piercing. Mariana's story is a testament to the fragility of health and a reminder that seemingly small decisions can have unimaginable consequences.


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