Hostage-taking in synagogue was an act of terrorism: Biden

The hostage taking in a synagogue from Texas in which only he died the kidnapper was a act of terrorism, accused this Sunday the president of the United States, Joe Biden, as the case becomes a matter of international security when one opens multinational investigation.

This was an act of terrorism that was related to someone who was arrested 15 years ago and has been in jail for 10 years,” Biden told reporters during a visit to a Philadelphia hunger relief organization. .

US authorities announced a global research about him suspicious that he died after keeping four people as hostages on the synagogue beth israel from the town of Colleyville, where he apparently demanded the release of one woman convicted of terrorism.

The four hostages – including a respected local rabbi, Charlie Cytron-Walker – were released unharmed on Saturday night to the relief of the community.

Biden and Jewish representatives in the United States renewed their calls to fight anti-Semitism.

Who is the kidnapper?

The man accused of taking the hostages was identified by the FBI as Malik Faisal Akram, a 44-year-old British citizen.

The police still do not clarify if the special team of agents that broke into the synagogue killed the man or if he committed suicide.

We have been in contact with multiple FBI leads including Tel Aviv and London,” FBI Special Agent Matt DeSarno told reporters in Colleyville.

The FBI said at this time there is no indication that other people were involved.

He added that the investigators continued to analyze the evidence raised in the synagogue.

“Lady Al Qaeda”

Chain abcnews reported that the kidnapper was demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist who in 2010 was sentenced by a New York court to 86 years in prison for the attempted assassination of US officials in Afghanistan.

abcnews also reported that the kidnapper was armed and claimed to have bombs in several places, but the information has not been confirmed.

Siddiqui is currently being held in a Fort Worth, Texas prison.

In a declaration to the string CNN, Siddiqui’s attorney said she had “absolutely no involvement” in the hostage situation and condemned the incident.

Siddiqui was the first woman suspected of links to the al Qaeda jihadist network to be arrested in the United States, earning her the nickname “Lady Al Qaeda.”


The incident aroused concern among the Jewish community and the Israeli government, whose Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he was “closely” monitoring the situation.

Synagogues in several US cities increased security after the attack, although officials said they did not believe the incident was part of a global threat.

President Joe Biden promised to “stand against anti-Semitism and the rise of extremism in this country.”


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