Hospital will pay $211 million to the family of a mother who committed suicide after accusing her of child abuse

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A Florida hospital will pay $211 million to the family of a mother who She committed suicide after being falsely accused of abusing her daughter.

After an intense 8-week trial, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in Florida was found guilty of the seven charges against it; The most serious was the kidnapping of the girl Maya Kowalski, which led to the unjust imprisonment of her mother and her subsequent suicide.

The jury sentenced the hospital to pay 211 million dollars (around 3,750 Mexican pesos) to the mother's family, who reported irregularities in the case long before her death.

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Other serious hospital charges were false imprisonment, medical negligence, fraudulent billing and assault on the minor, who was detained in the aforementioned medical center in 2016 under the argument that the mother medicated her irresponsibly.

According to the jury, the hospital engaged in “extreme and outrageous” conduct toward Maya, then 10 years old.

The case of Maya

The story of Maya and her mother became famous after Netflix will premiere “Take care of Maya”a documentary that told the tragic story of this family.

At an early age, Maya Kowalski was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a rare neurological condition that causes severe pain at the slightest touch.

It was in 2016 when Maya was admitted to the hospital for “severe stomach pain.” However, almost immediately the local doctors reported her mother, Beata Kowalski, to the Children's Department, claiming that she was medicating her daughter with Ketamine.

According to the hospital's medical authorities, that treatment was irresponsibledespite the fact that she claimed that it helped control her daughter's pain.

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The woman was accused of child abuse and imprisoned and just two months later, in January 2017, she committed suicide at the age of 43.

However, the compensation that the hospital will pay, It is not because of the mother's suicide, but because of the decision to place the girl in a room equipped with video surveillance for 48 hoursstrip her down to her shorts and sports bra, and photograph her without permission from her parents or a court.

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