Horror in Almagro: he killed his in-laws, injured his pregnant wife, his 13-year-old brother-in-law and committed suicide

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The scene of the double crime

The Buenos Aires neighborhood of Almagro was the scene last night of a violent fight within a family of Chinese origin that left as a result three people dead and two injured.

According to police sources, Infobaea man identified as Mingxiang Lin35, stabbed his in-laws to death, injured his 32-year-old pregnant wife and his brother-in-law, a 13-year-old teenager. After the attack, He threw himself from the terrace and died hours later at the Durand Hospital.

The incident occurred in a house located in Sarmiento Street at 3900, where a laundry works. Apparently everything happened in the context of a family fight. Agents of the Neighborhood Police Station 5-A of the City Police They arrived at the scene after the accused jumped from the second floor of the building, according to what was detailed by the minor who survived.

The first data from the investigation indicated that The aggressor used a knife to murder the couple, a 55-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman, and then attacked his partner. The pregnant woman and the 13-year-old boy were left admitted to Durand hospital with cutting wounds on the right leg and right arm respectively.

In the place there was a one-year-old minor, son of the injured woman and the murderer, who was unharmed, added the sources consulted by this medium. Upon arriving at the scene, the Buenos Aires police officers first found the injured aggressor, between two parked cars, who was taken with a police order by ambulance also to the Durand hospital, where he died in the early hours of the morning.

The murdered woman was identified as Sahia Lin, who was found on the floor of the property's dining room, face down with several blood stains and visible cuts. Her husband, Zhong Linwas found on the floor of a hallway, adjacent to the dining room, also face down, with blood and cuts.

The investigation involved the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 7, headed by Judge Vanesa Peluffo, who ordered the intervention of the Mobile Criminal Unit and the seizure of the weapon. For their part, personnel from the Emergency Psychological Assistance Office (GAPE) came to assist another daughter of the deceased.

The first ambulance that arrived found several wounded with knives and requested reinforcements. We sent three more ambulances and a triage unit,” explained Alberto Crescenti, head of SAME, in dialogue with TN. He also explained that the three injured people who were transferred to the same medical center are out of danger. “Apparently, it would be a family fight.”the doctor noted.


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