Honduras extends for 45 days more exception regime | News

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The Honduran National Police reported this Tuesday that the State of Exception decreed by President Xiomara Castro, who is visiting Espala, will be extended until April 6 at the national level with measures focused on the highest-risk municipalities.


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The Police reports that the Castro government, through the Council of Ministers, agreed to extend the 20-2022 agreement for 45 days, approved in the National Congress last year and which allowed the installation of the emergency regime.

According to the general director of the National Police, Gustavo Sánchez, the State of Exception will apply in all the neighborhoods and neighborhoods of the main cities of the country: San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Sánchez Velásquez, affirmed that the partial state of exception, since last December 6, 2022 and its first extension on January 6 of this year, has allowed hitting criminal structures that have profited from the Honduran population through extortion.

“This scourge has been one of the criminal activities that has generated the most illegal economic resources for maras, gangs and other criminal groups,” explained the police chief.

Likewise, it will enter into force for the municipalities of Atlántida, Colón, Comayagua, Copán and Cortés. In addition, from Choluteca, El Paraíso, Francisco Morazán, Intibucá, Bay Islands, La Paz, Lempira, Ocotepeque, Olancho, Santa Bárbara, Valle and Yoro.

According to the security authorities, the decree also establishes the expansion from 75 to 123 of the municipalities that will be intervened by the National Police and other State security entities, now in the 18 departments of Honduras.

Honduras registers some 1,150 multiple murders that have left 4,200 dead since 2010, the National Commissioner for Human Rights (CONADEH) reported this Sunday.

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