Honduras declares itself free of open pit mining | News

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The Ministry of Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines of Honduras declared this Monday the Central American country, as a territory free of open pit mining.


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As part of the 2022-2026 Government Program of President Xiomara Castro, the agency stated in a statement that: "The approval of extractivist exploitation permits is cancelled, as they are harmful to the State of Honduras, which threaten natural resources , public health and limit access to water as a human right".

Similarly, in the second point of the provision, the entire Honduran territory is declared a territory free of open-pit mining based on the principles of climate justice, respect and protection of natural resources.

Likewise, the statement provides for the mining moratorium for metallic and non-metallic exploration and exploitation through the review, suspension and cancellation of environmental licenses, permits and concessions.

As a final point, the immediate intervention of natural areas of high ecological value is implemented, in order to guarantee their conservation for common enjoyment and popular benefit.

This measure constitutes a before and after in Honduran society, taking into account the extractive history of the country, which has caused poverty for more than 70 percent of the population, as well as large migratory flows.

According to the most recent United Nations report “Alternative Report for the Universal Periodic Review”, more than 140 land and commons activists were killed between 2010 and 2019.

The initiative of the government of Xiomara Castro materializes the popular claim that for years has caused the death and violence of social leaders.

At the same time, it places the protection of the environment above the interests of the transnationals in accordance with the international norms established in this regard.

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