Honduran President Announces Tax Reform Initiative | News

The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, announced during her first government report that she will present a reform to the tax justice law before the Congress of that country, one of her campaign promises, when she was elected just over a year ago.


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The president indicated this Monday night in a message broadcast nationwide that she will present this measure to avoid having to apply new taxes, although her party (Partido Libertad y Refoundación) does not have a sufficient majority to approve, by itself. that reform.

According to the president, who won the elections in November 2021, with the adoption of her bill, without increasing taxes, “abuses of the exemption regimes” would be avoided and procedures in the public administration would be facilitated.

In this sense, the president insisted that “All taxes, exemptions that were approved in the lost decade, were aimed at destroying the public sphere and deepening the ferocious public-private economic model of corruption and structural impunity that we have to dismantle.” .

Castro assessed in his report that “This economic model is exhausted, it is exclusive and it is demonstrated when the State does not have the resources to serve 4.5 million people in extreme poverty, despite the fact that more than 60 billion lempiras are forgiven to the private sector that they stop paying in taxes protected with 40 laws that were approved under the condition of attracting investment and generating employment and in parallel 14 new taxes charged directly to the people were created”.

He also criticized that “contrary to what the obsessed defenders of the model in our country maintain, it is the excluded, the emigrants and the poor who sustain the economy and subsidize the privileged economic class.”

In this direction, he pondered that during his first year in office, extraordinary efforts have been made in managing state finances, and he valued the fiscal and monetary policy measures that have been implemented during his administration.

In other aspects of her management report, the president highlighted the advances in education, environmental protection and institutional reform.