Honduran Minister of Health calls for more agility in vaccination | News

The newly appointed Minister of Health of Honduras, José Manuel Matheu, announced this Friday that he will speed up pediatric vaccination against Covid-19 so that children can start face-to-face classes, as part of a strategy to speed up the fight against the pandemic.


Xiomara Castro takes office as president of Honduras

Matheu also said that he would form teams of experts to prioritize the proper management of the health crisis. The group will include pulmonologists, intensivists, epidemiologists, microbiologists, among others.

According to the new health minister, they will seek to obtain half of the pediatric vaccines and extend the opening hours so that parents can immunize their children. In turn, he specified that he is already in the process of acquiring oxygen in the triage centers, in addition to requesting foreign cooperation.

“We are going for the construction of hospitals, although we have to see how to obtain the funds, or in the National Congress I will ask that it facilitate the transfer of resources from some non-essential budget items, for example, the cancellation of training, or if they can go virtual to save travel expenses,” he said.

For the head of the health portfolio, it is an urgent need to start with the pediatric vaccine in its first dose, in addition to acquiring safety supplies, having drinking water in schools and inoculating teachers.

If the above is not achieved, he commented that they will adopt joint measures with the specialists to avoid contagion among minors, teachers and parents.

The official from the Government of President Xiomara Castro made an aside, to refer to the allocation of places for health personnel. In this regard, he told the front-line doctors and nurses who demand a labor agreement for having faced the health crisis to give him a waiting period.

“I would ask them to wait and let us review what is going on,” said the minister, while criticizing that the past Administration promised several things to health personnel, but did not fulfill them.

“If you don’t have this, I can’t be irresponsible in saying that we are going to hire. But if there is money and they are really top of the line then it can be, but we are going to check first, ”she asserted.

The Secretary of Health said that he would undertake actions to recover and strengthen the health system, in addition to reviewing and reallocating the budget to prioritize the investment of the person and that cancellation of training, tours and travel expenses that are not necessary.

According to Matheu, after a meeting with the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, Honduras will soon receive the donation of pediatric vaccines, he stressed.