Honduran court orders release of environmental activists | News


The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, of Honduras, ordered this Thursday the release of a group of six environmental activists, who had been sentenced just on Wednesday, in a process in which they had been since 2019 due to his opposition to a mining project known as Guapinol.


Honduran activists found guilty for anti-mining struggle

The release of the environmentalists was ordered after the decision of the Chamber to grant two amparo appeals in favor of the eight defendants, of which two were released on Wednesday by resolution of the Sentencing Court of Trujillo, department of Colón.

The activists were facing trial under accusations by the Prosecutor’s Office of being part of a violent group that set fire in September 2018 to several containers belonging to the company Inversiones Pinares and a van belonging to a security officer from the same company.

According to the resolution of the chamber, in the process there was a violation of constitutional precepts to the detriment of the accused, identified as José Daniel Márquez, Kevil Alejandro Romero, José Abelino, Porfirio and Ewer Alexander Cedillo; Orbin Nahúm Hernández, Arnold Javier Alemán and Jeremías Martínez, the last two released since Wednesday.

The decision was celebrated by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Honduras (Oacnudh), which had expressed concern about the sentence handed down against six of the eight environmentalists opposed to the Guapinol project, in the Caribbean of Honduras. .

However, upon learning of the ruling, it issued a statement in which it says that the OHCHR welcomes the amparos granted by the Constitutional Chamber in favor of Guapinol’s defenders for violations of due process and the arbitrary preventive detention to which they were subjected. subdued. The Office urges the authorities to ensure his prompt release.”

National and international human rights organizations advocated for the release of the environmentalists since they were prosecuted, considering that they had not committed a crime and were Honduran defenders of the environment.

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