Honduran arrested for damaging the cabin of an American Airlines plane


A passenger arrested in Honduras for damaging the cabin of an American Airlines plane during the boarding was released by authorities hours later.

The flight scheduled to depart for Miami on Tuesday afternoon was delayed for hours until a replacement plane could be arranged. The flight arrived in Florida early Wednesday morning, about eight hours late.

The passenger who caused the delay was seen on cell phone video as he leaned out of the cabin window.

“He was released because the airline did not press charges,” said the spokesman for the Secretary of Security, Edgardo Barahona. “The aggression towards the pilot and the airline crew was not serious.”

American said it will not drop the matter, although no formal charges have been filed with authorities.

“We are pressing charges,” airline spokesman Curtis Blessing said Wednesday.

The cabin door was open prior to the breach at the international airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, American Airlines said.

“The crew members intervened and the individual was eventually detained by local police,” said an airline spokesman.

Airport security removed the man from the plane and handed him over to the National Police, who took him to a hospital for a series of tests.

“They took him to a care center because according to other passengers he behaved strangely as if he were under the influence of some kind of hallucinogen,” said Barahona.

The man was from the coastal city of La Ceiba and had no criminal record, according to police.

The flight had 121 passengers and six crew members.

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