Home runs of the BetPlay II-2023 League: these are the probabilities of qualifying for Millonarios, Cali, Júnior and Santa Fe

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Millonarios, Junior and Deportivo Cali have not yet qualified for home runs in the BetPlay II-2023 League - credit @MillosFCoficial @JuniorClubSA and @AsoDeporCali/X.

The 18th date of the BetPlay League II-2023 It continues to develop and the Colombian Professional Football (FPC) teams continue in their fight, either to qualify for the semi-final quadrangles or to add points that allow them to maintain their place in the highest category.

With the arrival of these last days, the places available for the next phase of the championship have begun to run out. Before the start of the match, only three teams had qualified, Now there are only three spots open to take.

Águilas Doradas, América de Cali, Deportivo Independiente Medellín, Atlético Nacional and Deportes Tolima They are the clubs that are already fixed on the home runs and continue with the living hope of getting the famous Christmas star.

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Meanwhile, recognized names, such as the current champion Millionaires, Santa Fe, Junior and Deportivo Cali They have not managed to meet their objective and have only a couple of games left to achieve it.

The comments about the chances of these teams qualifying for the next round were present in the sports debate and were joined by Matics, the institution specialized in statistics and probability of Colombian Professional Football, which delivered the opportunity percentages that the clubs have advance to the next round of the closing tournament.

The Ambassador team is the only one that was on the edge of the classification, and one more tie would lead them to achieve the average number of points necessary to enter the home run, while the rest of the teams have to “fight” more to be within the select group .

1. Golden Eagles - 100%

2. Deportivo Independiente Medellín - 100%

3. Sports Tolima - 100%

4. America de Cali - 100%

5. Atlético Nacional - 100%

6. Millionaires - 99%

7. Oil Alliance - 45.5%

8. Junior de Barranquilla - 58.2%

9. Deportivo Cali - 45.9%

10. Santa Fe - 12.2%

Millonarios is the club that has the easiest time qualifying. They still have three games pending and between Boyacá Chicó, América de Cali and La Equidad they have to get a point to advance to the next, even to rest easy with three points, out of nine possible, they would already be in.

Deportivo Cali has a 50/50 chance of qualifying. The sugar producers must win their last matches no matter what, against Jaguares and Boyacá Chicó, in addition to hoping that Alianza or Júnior lose points in their last presentations. Only in this way those directed by Jaime de la Pava They will qualify for home runs.

Junior depends on himself to enter the group of eight. The group led by Arturo Reyes They have to beat Deportivo Pereira and Atlético Huila in their last two presentations of the round-robin phase to be in the home run. A draw or defeat would considerably decrease their chances of staying alive in the tournament.

Santa Fe is the institution that sees the classification almost “black”. The cardinal team not only needs to win in their last matches against Atlético Huila and Once Caldas, but they must also cross their fingers and hope that those above them fall.

Magdalena Union became the first team in 2023 to fall to the Second Division of the FPC and whoever seems to follow behind will be Atlético Huilawhich will define its permanence in category A of Colombian football against América de Cali, Santa Fe and Junior.

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